Bogor: Mountain Biking in Gunung Mas

My new biking friends, Asian Sister Gangsters where American Chinese and Taiwanese collide with Chinese Indonesian (me not in the picture)

Places around Bogor

Adrenaline junkie, come to Bogor!
Where you go adventurous just in your backyard!

This city itself has been known famous among conservationist, biologist and people working in forestry and agriculture sectors because many international or national organisation and institution in Bogor.

Bogor Botanical Garden and Bogor Palace might be the ultimate reason why people will go to Bogor. Second, it would be hiking Mount Gede Pangrango in Cisarua. Third, visiting Cibodas Botanical Garden at the slope of Mount Gede Pangrago, which worldwide famous with its lichens collection. However, there is other option than that if you want to go wandering around Bogor. Combining bicycling and culinary experience might be your next option.

Sounds like great combination, right? Besides what is the best thing to switch off from normal routine? For me it should be doing something new! That is why mountain biking in Gunung Mas, Puncak would be one of my new micro-adventure this year.

Gunung Mas Tea Plantation
Gunung Mas Tea Plantation Landscape

Mountain Biking in Gunung Mas Tea Plantation

We started our mountain biking trip around Gunung Mas Tea Plantation area. As soon as we pedalled our Shimano lime green MTB, gravels and undulating dirt tracks welcome us. The scenery was fantastic considering if you living in the city without fresh mountain air.

Biking Gunung Mas
Driving my bike on dirt road in Gunung Mas

We then bicycling through tea factory in nearby area. I hoped to see more about process how to make tea bag instead seeing only a tea gallery. The area itself so popular for family gathering events. It was packed with kids and their parents also in their own or rented bike.

Asphalt road would be other challenge besides dirt road in tea plantation. I consider this as fun but also scary part during the biking trip as we have to face traffic jam and crowd along Cipanas – Cisarua to Bogor.

Compete with cars and motorbike in crowded Cipanas road.

There was relieved feeling when we hit suburb road near Ciliwung River and Katulampa Dam. The latter one serves as water gate for Jakarta and Bogor to control flood and water course from Mount Gede Pangrango. Interesting place to see and ride would be the road tunnel in Bogor Suburb near Jagorawi toll road. There is no place like this in the area so make sure you don’t miss it :)

Katulampa tunnel terowongan
The famous Katulampa Tunnel. Drive your bike one by one or take turn with someone in opposite way.

We managed the whole biking trip through patience of our terrific guides from BMB (Bogor Mountain Biking). BMB trip could be your preference to do mountain biking around Bogor area (beginner to advanced level are welcome! and you can check their websites here). I am surely grateful still in one piece after biking through traffic madness.

Bikers friendly at Eyoci Yogurt place

Drink and Eat Milk (Tofu) at Eyoci

Milk tofu is literally milk and soy bean cake (tofu) in one whole package. We found this energized and healthy snack during our biking trip near Gunung Mas Tea Plantation. After drink yogurt and eat milk tofu, you can pay a visit to Kandang Sapi Arif Farm and Eyoci. Please be mind of you want to take pictures with cow, they are gigantic!!
I am actually very jittery near this cow

Problematic on Puncak Tourism Area

For the last 20 years, Puncak area receives most public attention with environmental problems. The majority of Puncak’s income is based on tourism, which diverse from restaurants, villas, hotels, etc. However, this tourism activities does not balance with environmental commitments from most visitors, residents and local government.

More violation to build villas in Puncak conservation area occured as the city administration failed to conduct strict regulation and to enforce spatial planning to safeguard this valued areas. Nowadays, even farmland in Puncak have to compete with villas and hotels in the area. Farm owners later have to find new land for their cows grassing land.

The Ciliwung River in vicinity

Based on various study, Puncak highland has huge importance as water reservoar to lowland area such as Jakarta. Therefore, if Katulampa water gate cannot control water from Ciliwung River of Puncak, it would be Bogor to blame on when Jakarta flooded. River dumping also becomes one of the most environmentally damaging by locals and visitors in this area.

As far as tourism, a large percentage of visitors to Puncak are weekend-trippers from Jakarta and surroundings. This means there is huge difference on road situation during weekends. It becomes a daily sighting of traffic during the weekend crammed with visitors from Bogor and Jakarta for mini escapade from busy city.

Olympic swimming pool on the top of Cipanas hills

Surely it should be our responsibility as visitors to protect Puncak. Moreover with Bogor administration and its residents to preserve and maintain sustainability in this popular area.

Do you have any recommendation to reduce these environmental challenges?

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