[Chevening] Choosing the Right University

Congratulation for all of you who made it! You are probably reading this because just recently awarded as candidate for Chevening Scholarship 2017/2018 (or probably thinking to apply any scholarship). Now it’s time to complete your all your course requirement to become a fully Chevening scholar. These are tips if you want to decide which … Continue reading [Chevening] Choosing the Right University

Time Management

Time is super precious! Manage your time well for your study, family, friends, and of course ME time. Time management is the key to surviving . Plan it well and execute it well. Find time for self-reflection. Photo is from underworld grotto at the Leeds Castle. It is decorated with various mythical beasts created from … Continue reading Time Management

More about Billingual Blogging

Anyhow, if you realised there is a mirror pages for this blog. For me but in this way I can more separate my writings in Bahasa and English by using different language but using same menu and themes. Until then my posts in Bahasa Indonesia will be on https://felicialasmanaid.wordpress.com/ but my main blog would be … Continue reading More about Billingual Blogging

9 Manfaat menjadi Birdwatcher atau Pengamat Burung

Mulai dari keuntungan secara rohani dan jasmani serta modal untuk mencari penghasilan tentunya. Namun sebenarnya apa untungnya sih menjadi pengamat burung? Tapi sebelum menjawab pertanyaan itu, sejenis makhluk apakah birdwatcher itu? Banyak teman bertanya tapi juga menyalahartikan profesi pengamat burung liar di alam ini. Jawabannya mungkin dapat dipikirkan seiring dengan tulisan ini bergulir.