Jurnal Chevening #3: Welcome Home

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Chevening Alumni Welcome Home and Annual Gathering 2018. Photo by Raras Tulandaru

Seharusnya tulisan pendek ini hadir awal Januari lalu. Namun karena beragam jadwal dan kegiatan baru kali ini saya luncurkan. Selepas berangkat ke Inggris September 2016 yang lalu, saya kembali berkaca kembali pengalaman saya bulan ini. Saat ini  tahun lalu di bulan Mei 2017 mungkin merupakan masa-masa mendebarkan menuju persiapan thesis untuk program Master’s saya di University of Kent. 

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Grit and Life Goals

It is impressive how time flies and now my journey in the UK almost meets its end in about less than 2 months. Recently I have time to contemplating life and work although as always hoping can do more time if time allows. But anyhow we just need to do it as much as we can and work as smart as we can. To make it balanced I always try to spend meaningful time with people I care and also make many memories that I can recall back later.

Nothing is forever. I guess life for today but still remembering your ultimate life goal is the best sentence. I just saw this TED Talks about Grit by Angela Lee Duckworth. It is an old talks but I feel it is perfect reminder when you are remembering your life goals in particular long term goals. As stated by Angela, grit is the machine that fuels up your passion and perseverance. I always believe when you do everything by passion and consistency you can achieve more than anyone does in spite of your limitation.

Photo is sculpture replicate of Le Penseur by Auguste Rodin (1904) at Grand Palais, Paris last July. There was an art exhibition to celebrate 100 years of Rodin’s death. I had a terrific Summer holiday in Paris in the same time with my best friends while channeling my great art interest. I even bought a small token from the museum, a replicate of Le Penseur, as a reminder to not taking life seriously and enjoy my time while I can. Because it is okay to be pensive but we also need to enjoy present moment.

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Iceland: in Spring Time

Happy Thursday! Another place from my bucket list to be erased, ICELAND. I was there last month for 5 days road trip with other 5 old and new friends from Indonesia. Continue reading “Iceland: in Spring Time”

[Kartu Pos Giveaway] Jersey Trip #2


Dear Temans,

Mungkin sebelumnya sudah membaca tulisan Jersey Trip #1?

Kali ini saya ingin mengadakan undian berupa 2 kartu pos vintage dari Jersey Zoo Park (seperti diatas ini) yang nantinya akan saya umumkan pemenangnya minggu depan tanggal 19 November 2016 di postingan yang sama. Syaratnya cukup mudah kok! Follow akun twittter saya @FeliciaLasmana dan mengirimkan email perkenalan ke felicia.lasmana@yahoo.co.id dengan judul email [Request Kartu Pos] dan melampirkan data Nama dan Alamat Lengkap.

Terima kasih sudah membaca blog saya :)

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The Canterbury Cathedral


A must visit place while in Canterbury that you need to visit either you are religious or not at all. It is the most important centres of pilgrimage in Medieval England. The first advent is very recommended time if you want to make your visit to this Catholic Anglican/Church of England (CoE). Please make sure you check their website for any important events.Continue reading “The Canterbury Cathedral”