Iceland: in Spring Time

Happy Thursday! Another place from my bucket list to be erased, ICELAND. I was there last month for 5 days road trip with other 5 old and new friends from Indonesia.  As this is my first Scandinavian country I don’t have any expectation and more likely enjoying the scenery. At the time of the trip I was in the middle of my school assignment’s accomplishment. So it was quite challenging time as I was having fun and must keep concentrate to my school in the same time. But anyhow here you go some bits and bobs from the frozen country in the Spring time.

Icelandic shepherd dog. The loveliest dog ever! and I wish I can take her home :)
Some of the usual view that you can find in Iceland. This one is at Kirkjullfellsfoss. I would say Iceland as a country with thousands of waterfalls.
A place where you dried up shark meat. Icelandic people likes to eat Hákarl or fermented shark. It is national dish of Iceland which came from Greenland shark (Somniosus microcephalus). After 3 – 5 months the ammonia-rich smell and fishy taste will came off and it will be sold in any Icelandic stores. My brain feel wrong but this is part of Icelandic cultures since many years ago.
Icelandic green moss. I am big fan of them as you can see them almost everywhere in Iceland :)
Brisk walking. It was 2 degrees and we road tripped from one tourist scenery to another tourist scenery. A group of Indonesian with many curiosities and traveling in budget.
No rock climbing!
Can’t remember the name of the waterfall but this (again) pretty much common scenery in Iceland. As this is Spring time so we cannot see the Northern Lights.
My hiking boots with river of glacier as background
Boat patrol at Jökulsárlón glacial lagoon in the Southern of Iceland
Jökulsárlón Beach
Stunning gletser view from the Land of fire and Ice. I wish I can go back again to see the Northern Lights but maybe better chase the Southern Lights after this trip :p

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  1. Qui says:

    Lagi nulis nih versi lainnya–yg jelas lebih panjang narasinya dan sedikit fotonya XD

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Felly says:

      Haaa good. Ni edisi 1 sih. Klo ada infonya bisa cek di tripadvisor haha


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