[Chevening] Choosing the Right University


Congratulation for all of you who made it! You are probably reading this because just recently awarded as candidate for Chevening Scholarship 2017/2018 (or probably thinking to apply any scholarship). Now it’s time to complete your all your course requirement to become a fully Chevening scholar. These are tips if you want to decide which university you will attend this September or probably earlier or later than that.

1. Read your course modules

Make sure you read your course modules. Is it the right modules? The right university? or is this the right pathway or course that you want to get it? I also recommend that you ask other people such as alumni from the previous year or present Chevening Scholars. How? Search LinkedIn or Facebook and their affiliations. You never know that probably they are your old school friend or friends’ of your family. Ask them about what they feel about the course they attended. Pros and Cons. Do they think the module that is offered by the university had met their expectation etc?

2. Join Chevening groups in social media

(Again) use the power of social media! You also can find more information of your course by joining Facebook groups or any social media groups related to Chevening scholarship or your university. University group also is a great place to find people who wants to apply the same university and or give you information.

2. Look at your University website

It is also important to find information from the website and google everything first before you asked people. Apart reading modules usually the university will post the most up to date information for your course on line. So don’t miss it! For example they may suspend the course that you really want to do although you already have your Letter of Acceptance (LoA). Therefore you must re-apply for another course as soon as possible although in the same university or different university. This is real experience!!! If this happens always cross check with your programme officer at Chevening Secretariat and University.

Good luck! Hope this is useful when deciding university you will attend with Chevening Scholarship.

Is there anything that I can add maybe? Please write down in the comment please :)

# Photo is Margate Beach during previous Easter break. Located about half an hour from Canterbury city and famous for music gigs and recreation escapade for local people.

# This blogpost is written using dictaphone on Evernote. This is my first time so maybe I will have special post for this. It is exciting and I can write a blog post for more than 1000 words in 10 minutes. Apologise if it’s not in Bahasa Indonesia.

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