Traveling Gear 2017

It is been a delayed post but anyhow this is my curated and updated traveling gear that I feel is wonderful and needed to be shared. You also can check my previous traveling gear post in 2016 and 2014.


Nothing really changed for my waterproof trouser from Marmot Lobo but I am back with super comfortable Giordano Tee from Canterbury charity shop.

UNIQLO WOMEN Blocktech Coat
  • UNIQLO Heattech Women Scoop Neck T-Shirt : This is very comfortable thermal inner layer during Autumn and Winter in the UK and also during my trip to Iceland. As I bought in white colour after 3 months it is slightly worn out although still do the job keeping my body warm.
  • UNIQLO WOMEN Blocktech Coat: Another product from UNIQLO. A raincoat and windbreaker which apparently made in Indonesia although bought this in the UK. Quite nice during rainy season in the UK and hopefully in Indonesia. Sometimes feels too thin and I need another inner layer because of its rubbery material.

Backpack & Luggage

I still have these backpacks for traveling, Osprey Talon 33 Litre and Deuter Wizard, and for day-to-day/business traveling, Qwstion Daypack.

My Deuter Wizard :)
  • Asaklitt 32 L Cabin Trolley Case : Bought this after years considering to buy a good and durable hard case cabin luggage. Anyhow I don’t want to pay too expensive as well that is why I choose this trolley which has front pocket for my laptop which handy for security checks.



  • Ray-Ban RB4105 Folding Wayfarer Square Sunglasses. A good pair of sunnies if you want to invest for the health of your eyes. It is a folded one and fit with pocket size. As I choose the classic style hopefully it lasts until at least 3 years ahead.


I still wear my Columbia Youth Newton Ridge for hiking and Gabor Zodiac for formal wear but Summer is coming!


  • Vivobarefoot Jing Jing WH Womens Cobblestone: sometimes feels a bit too small but this is my first vivobarefoot. After a while this is great and more friendly looking compare to Vibram fivefingers that I wear before years ago. Great for walking after 1 weeks. The colours does not look like on the web and paler but I won’t complain for its comfortness.


  • Clarks Seanna Sun Black Leather Sandals. Sporty sandals and semi informal. The rubber material seems cheap but hope lasts until at least next year. Very light though and seems has tough straps. Perfect sandals for Summer :)


  • iPhone 5SE. I hate most smartphone nowadays but kinda need it. After years now I try iPhone because they have the 4″ size which fit with my tiny hands. Not really loving big smartphone and I think I had enough with that!
  • Microsoft Surface 4 Pro : after I broke my Asus Zenbook UX303, I turned to this Surface for work and study. Maybe not really use this as much for now but it is great for entertainment and backup computer because I still use my Asus for working computer after it’s been repaired.


  • Fujifilm X70: I am back again to Fujifilm after a while. This brand is always be my favourite brand and also my late father. For me using Fujifilm is a legacy and run in my family. I have different experience with my previous Fujifilm X10 as this camera may have different sensitivity and grips. And I need to learn again to this camera!

Make up


  • L’Occitane Roses et Reines Fresh Body & Face Mist:  if you feel down, get this one! If your face feels dehydrated and hot. Get this one! I love this one because its lovely rose fragrance. Perfect size for traveling and of course during Summer!
  • Yves Rocher Traditional tiare oil: This is a multi-function bio and organic oil  to replace my Argan Oil. Smells lovely and can act as your daily sunscreen. I usually use it day and night to moisturise my face because I prefer use natural oil compare to ordinary day and night cream. You can use it as base before applying your make face powder and make-up.

Travel Tumbler and Cups


  • BRITA Fill & Go Bottle Pink. Bought this when I need water a filtered water bottle so I can refill my water whenever and everywhere I can.
  • KeepCup Original Cardamon : You may want to bring your own coffee cup anywhere you go to reduce plastic and paper waste. KeepCup is always great for this and I love the colour as well :)

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  1. Qui says:

    Tas Timberland mana? Kok gak dipamerkan? :P


    1. Felly says:

      Oh iya poho :D
      Nanti deh taun depan


  2. Nova says:

    Lagi nyari info konsultan lingkungan, ketemu ini.. Asa keren.. Asa kenal..
    Ini Teh Feli yang di biologi kah?
    Kemudian saya stalking.. Dan OMG.. Ternyata benar..
    Salut ke teteh, keep shining ya..

    Senior2 aku keren semua…

    Jd berasa remahan debu ga bisa jadi apa2, hahaha


    1. Felly says:

      Halo Nova. Jadi malu. Semoga selalu sukses juga yaaa :)


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