Different Perspective

Apart of my late Canon A550, I am now using Fujifilm X10. It  took me an ages to find this camera and learn how to use it. I never have a semi-profesional camera before and it is my first experience with buying camera. Although I really want to buy mirrorless camera at first but I just want to buy a simple but really powerful camera for traveling. Fujifilm X10 has it own look with vintage and strenght. But when it comes to photography you have to make your photos personal and also with your own signature. I love taking pictures from wildlife, building, people and etc but still I need more practice and skill to enhance my pictures message.

My Fujifilm X10 really help me to reach my purpose from photo quality side. I just need more time and practices indeed. Besides good camera I realise that there is another component that will enrich my photography skills. I read and browse a lot about techniques and terms in photography. Befriend with photographer is also helpful. However the most important thing to level up your skills might be seeing people’s photos. I found out that sometimes people tend to have different and unique angles when taking pictures. You can take picture millions of a flower pot and it will be very boring. But some people maybe can spice it up by taking picture of dead flower pot, flower pot in shade and many different perspective that will make your pictures more interesting than others.


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