Attending RT 15 RSPO in Bali

Recently I attended RT 15 | RSPO at Grand Hyatt Bali. Despite of volcano eruption, closed airport, and the organiser cancelled the first day of the event, Daemeter Team made it to the last days with such energetic and productive week bringing new and strengthen existing collaboration.

This is also an opportunity to meet my MSc supervisors, Matthew Struebig and Jake Bicknell from DICE, University of Kent, who were presenting wonderful research related to sustainability policy and high carbon stock and its association with high biodiversity in Sabahan Landscape.

Their attendance and other ecologists during RT 15 is a wonderful act with more thinker academics, part of CSOs along with NGOs and other think tank group who work to solve problems in oil palm sector and around landscape in Indonesia and globally. I also grateful to be part of DICE alumni and work with its prominent researchers in the field of conservation.

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