My Self Review 2018

I would say that 2018 is a year for personal growth and taking risk. I travelled quite a lot as well due to work and here are some highlights. Anyway I should make this post earlier but I only have time just recently.

  1. Travel for work. Starting from Myanmar, Colombia, England, South Kalimantan and then later Central Java. Most of it part of fieldwork, training, conference, and remote working. Overall I love meeting new people and visit new places. This year is somewhat special since this is my first time in Latin America. This year is also my end of fellowship with IPBES because our Asia Pacific Regional assessment has been approved and now disseminated globally. To read more about IPBES you can check my project.
  2. Moving jobs. Starting from November 2018, I am officialy working as consultant after working full time for almost 5 years. Currently I enjoy my time flexibility and focusing on my personal time related to PhD hunting or try new things with my hobbies (blogging and exercise).
  3. Books. Unfortunately less book to read this year due to my busy time. I know this is a lousy excuse but I will try to do much better this year and hope can do more in-depth book review. See my books on Goodreads here.
  4. Personal Health. In general I am content and have a fulfilling life with family and good friends. I have almost no major sickness this 2018 but I gain more weight (I blame it to white rice!). I love spending time doing family and friend stuffs which in majority related to traveling and creating many unforgetable memories :)

My Failures

I would say that I need to say more NO to most things in 2019. This means less attachment to persons and things that sometimes we really crave in daily life.

I feel that I need to do more gym session. Currently I do at least 2 – 3 times per week if I can but almost do no workout during traveling time. I should probably do more strenght and resistance training for my muscle joints and movement which is important to reduce injury.

While I have no problem with Instagram and Facebook but other social media is a bit difficult to get rid off. I am currently in sabbatical for all social media especially Linkedin and Twitter. This 2019 I will focus only on my blogpost and learn more about new things.

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