On Reading


For me, reading is part of my meditation.
A way to disconnect myself from outer world.
A busy world, a busy commuter line, a busy road, a busy traffic jam, a busy digital world.

It is also my way to learn effective communication with other people.
A fiction novel is great to elaborate your sensitivity and creativity.
A non-fiction book is a fantastic way to embrace more practical knowledge and a reminder to not waste your time (well that’s for me) :)

Do you read during traveling?
What kind of books do you like to read?
Do you read by themes or just randomly select your books?
Do you share or buy books for friends or family?
Could you find how many people within your peers who are devotedly their time to read books? (I mean with that for people who are not only collecting books but also could tell again what is their story and experience with books).


Bagi saya, membaca adalah bagian dari meditasi.
Sebuah cara untuk memutuskan diri dari dunia luar.
Dunia yang sibuk, KRL yang sibuk, jalanan yang sibuk, jalanan yang macet, dunia digital yang sibuk.
Membaca juga adalah sebuah cara untuk berkomunikasi secara efektif dengan orang lain.

Novel fiksi sangat baik untuk mengolah rasa dan kreativitas*
Novel non-fiksi adalah jalan fantastis untuk merangkul lebih banyak pengetahuan praktis dan sebagai pengingat untuk tidak membuang waktu (mungkin itu khusus bagi saya pribadi) :)

Apakah kamu membaca ketika bepergian?
Jenis buku apa saja yang kamu baca?
Apakah kamu membaca berdasarkan tema atau memilihnya secara acak
Apakah kamu berbagi dan membeli buku untuk teman atau keluarga?
Dapatkah kamu menemukan berapa banyak orang dalam teman-temanmu yang secara khusus mendedikasikan waktunya untuk membaca buku? (Yang saya maksud adalah bagi orang-orang yang tidak hanya mengoleksi buku tapi juga dapat menceritakan kembali cerita dan pengalaman mereka ketika membaca buku)


This post is part of memory when meeting my Goodreads friend yesterday. The photo is Ganesha statue in National Museum Jakarta. Ganesha is worshipped by Hindu people as the god of education, knowledge, wisdom and wealth.

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  1. Mira says:

    I used to read when traveling, but now I find I like to use every moment to experience the new place and new people. So I like to stay up late in town walking the city or talking to people, and then go to bed knackered, without any inclination to read anything, except, of course, something about what I want to visit and do the next day :)


    1. Felly says:

      To enjoy your traveling moment with reading in between is also great if you want to kill times. It is a unitasking activity for sure. I also prefer to go around talking with real people and experiencing new places :)


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