Working as freelancer


“Working as freelancer is an illusion”

That’s what a good friend said to me few days ago.

I would agree with that statement for number of reasons, AS FREELANCER

You become more occupied with work and project (if time allow)
Work become part of you. There is no 9 to 5 but might be 24/7 for someone.
The choice is yours.

I was a freelancer before and now working full time since almost 4 years ago.
You just need to enjoy what you have I reckon.
There is plus and minus for everything.
For example, even for a tour guide or travel blogger, it is also a hard work for him/her in some degree since it is not a holiday.

Photo is a raw Pu-erh tea from tea appreciation class last January in Jakarta. As a big fan of tea, the history of this fascinating tea has always mesmerised me.



  1. Qui says:

    Beli di mana Pel tehnya?


    1. Felly says:

      Gue ada yang langsung dari Yunnan, China (tempat asalnya). Mau? Nanti klo ketemu ajalah yaa gue seduhin hehe


      1. Qui says:

        Mauuu. Dikirim lebih mau lagi. Haha. Kalau beli dimana sik di Jakarta?


      2. Felly says:

        duh tanggung klo dikirim mah. gue cuman punya dikit (itu pun yang biasa aja). klo di Jakarta keknya mahal banget. klo beli online bisa jutaan klo udah lama banget. klo beli onlen keknya harus ke tukang teh/penikmat teh karena biasanya bukan untuk diminum tapi investasi.


      3. Qui says:

        Ewww… ya udah deh, ntar yg ke Seulawah ama Squid ikut ga? Bawain dong, haha.


      4. Felly says:

        Gue udah di Bogor lagi sekarang. Seulawah teh dimana ya?


      5. Qui says:

        Margonda. Rumah makan Aceh. Nanti ke Seulawahnya hari Sabtu besok (16/6)


      6. Felly says:

        ach soo … boleh2 klo ga jadi kemana2


  2. Ada tips buat yang mau coba freelance buat travel blogger kak.?


    1. Felly says:

      keknya udah banyak yg bikin deh. coba cek2 website


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