Padang: Welcome to Padang


I went backpacking with my 25 Liter daypack with Indri to Padang. Consider it a minimalist and light traveling because it’s only a 3-days trip. Anyhow I am pretty tired carrying my 60 Liter rucksack go-and-back to the airport and hotel like I do usually. Got my ticket – which we already bought since 3 months ago – downloaded into my Galaxy Notes (I hate printing tickets! Less paper much better). Image

Arriving at Padang, We saw a giant board on surfing in Mentawai, well maybe next time yeah! We only have plan to go to Sikuai Island, Bukit Tinggi, and Padang. Probably another few places too which we’ll talk later. Image

No lots of traffic here but many careless and reckless drivers. It seems everybody are in F1 race competition. Motorbikers much worse because most of them didn’t use any helmet, over the speed limit, and break any traffic regulation.Feel unsafe here suddenly but the adventure just begin!


The first bridge we saw after the railways and Indri seemed very content to see all transportation technology across Padang City. The spots in the photos was not caused by rain but the window filters make it like that. Image

The first building we saw with Gonjong or horn shaped roofs that you always see in every Gadang House, traditional house in West Sumatra – actually it’s West Sumatra Parliament House. Image

If you can see it I think there is a bird on the top of white tower dome. Just realised that after see this photo more closely. I took most photos in this posting inside the bus with black and white settings. Next post will be about Sikuai Island and its awesome view!



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      Thanks, Mister!


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