Padang: Sikuai Island, The Deserted Island


If you like adventures maybe you will like Sikuai Island. This island is left by most tourists because there is no island management and most facilities are broke down. At the time I got there with my friend, it was just us and 3 islanders. No ferry to take us there so we have to rent boat for IDR 800,000 per day (exclude gasoline & snorkeling equipment) but cover the entering ticket and fresh welcome coconuts (not only one but two!). My boatman was a great host along this trip. For you who want to get adventure to this island you can contact me more further.


On the top of the island, you can see breathtaking view across the island and an abandoned swimming pool (eerk!). The island guard told us to go thru the jogging track. It’s a really nice hike in a very hot day although we have to cross some bushes, collapsed trails, tsunami & earthquake warning system, and cable wires. The old sea port looks dramatic as well with small fishes and sea creatures.




After Sikuai you can visit Pagang Island to clean yourself or maybe more swimming and snorkeling! (I don’t think you can have proper shower in Sikuai DO-UH!). Just pay IDR 20,000 per-boat you can have more relax time here and see little island in front of you (look at photo below). Lotsa bule a.k.a foreigners go sunbathing in this island because they cannot go or just passed Sikuai Island which is very famous as Halong Bay of Indonesia in the past. If you want to compare between these 2 islands, I still can say that Sikuai Island still the best one though. It was a very pleasant journey although I did go to some other place with many beautiful views and beaches around Indonesia.


On the way back home to Padang mainland, we saw a very spectacular natural sightings. That was my first time to see a golden sunset and giant rainbow on the same time. How cool is that?? Golden sunset on my left side and giant almost-full-arched rainbows on my right side (we can’t see the rainbow top because it is way too big!). That one hour boat trip from Sikuai and Padang was really contemplative for me definitely. I don’t know why but I feel peace around me along the trip.




So any thought to go to Sikuai now? Please bring your own food and don’t expect any luxury within this Island. Think about SURVIVOR TV Series! If you want to go with awesome facility please do not go to Sikuai Island for now until they have much better management. Otherwise you will be very disappointed.

Are you ready for an adventure??



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  1. tuanjuan_ says:

    COOL!! Thanks for sharing

    Sunsetnya mirip ama pic waktu gw di Sepuk Laut, Muara Kapuas :)
    –> see my profile on G+ hehe..

    btw, besok ai mo ke Krakatau :) ntar share pic juga deh :D (walau bingung ngambilnya pake apa, no camera)


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