Daemeter’s Biodiversity Consultant Wins Young Professional Award

Lasmana with her study object (left picture) and receiving the YCPA award (right picture, first from left)

Felicia Lasmana, a biodiversity consultant at Daemeter Consulting, has won an award for young female professionals from Martha Tilaar, one of Indonesia’s biggest producers of beauty products.

The Young Caring Professional Award, which is in its fourth year, aims to inspire and empower Indonesian women to develop their capacity and contribute to their environment, according to its organizers. Eight other professionals, working among others as a policewoman in the narcotics division, entrepreneur and in communications, also received the award.

“It was an eye-opening experience,” said Felly, as she is affectionately called by colleagues and friends. “The people I met here, they’ve achieved so much, yet they remain humble,” said Felly, one of Indonesia’s few female experts on bats, the world’s only flying mammal.

Felly credits her work in Daemeter in the past year for expanding her knowledge and network on conservation practices and policies involving other wildlife. Felly has been involved in biodiversity surveys related to forestry, agriculture and mining activities conducted by Daemeter. She is also an RSPO-approved assessor for high conservation values.

“The time spent with other contestants and talking with the speakers made me revisit where I want to go and what I want to do with my career,” said Felly. What PhD topic to take or how to educate the public on the importance of bats, which Felly studied for her bachelor degree’s final project, were some ideas that popped into mind, she added.

Felly and the other winners were selected from 800 participants, the most that have applied for the award in a year. The winners will visit Google’s office in Singapore and serve as ambassadors in events held by Caring Colours, a make-up brand of Martha Tilaar, for a year. For more information on the award and the winners, please click here.

This is a mirror page from Daemeter Consulting 

P.S.: I am fully grateful for nonstop recommendations and supports from my directors and co-workers. I am nothing without them in developing my career although just working for almost 10 months at Daemeter. Thanks again everyone for great support!



  1. kangfiki says:

    huwaaaaaaaaa……mantaaaaap \m/. selamat ah.


    1. flasmana says:

      nuhun nuhun :p


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