China: Kunming, The Old and New | Kunming, Lama dan Baru

DSCF7512This post I dedicate for my buddies, Indri Juwono, who’s an architect and also traveler. Kunming as many growing city across China is full with unity of old and new buildings. As the largest city in Southern China, Kunming is really impressive and beautiful. The worst part of this city is probably only the taxi. It would be difficult to get taxi eventhough you’ve waited for hours.

Posting ini saya dedikasikan kepada teman saya, Indri Juwono, seorang arsitek dan juga traveler. Kunming seperti halnya banyak perkotaan di Cina penuh dengan perpaduan antara bangunan lama dan baru. Sebagai kota terbesar di Selatan Cina, Kunming sangatlah mempesona dan indah. Bagian terburuk dari kota ini mungkin adalah taxi-nya yang sulit didapat walaupun kamu sudah menunggu berjam-jam lamanya. 

Bird and flower market

mini floer garden in front of Yunnan Museum

Announcement on rainy season

Green Lake of Kunming City

Hotel on the right side, placate/medal/throphy store on the left side


Old meet new

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Felicia Lasmana is conservation biologist, blogger in Bahasa Indonesia – English, passionate traveler, avid reader, sensible vegetarian and a tea addict. She has great interest in application of conservation science into practical solution such as sustainability related issue.

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