All about Canterbury: The Pros and Cons

I moved here after dreaming of studying at DICE, University for quite some time. This is kinda my reflection after almost half a year lives in the UK in particular in Canterbury.  I consider moving to other place but I think moving to Canterbury is one of the best decision I ever made. I don’t think I can live in London with its so hecticness but we shall see later.


  1. Easy to get from London with train and then Gatwick international for half an hour bus drive
  2. Consider as the best university for conservation science. DICE is one of the best places to study conservation in the world. Their specialty in interdisciplinary science bridging natural and social sciences in one fold is famous.
  3. One of the most beautiful cities in Kent county with Canterbury Cathedral. You can say this is the Rome of Anglican Church. There will be a huge congregation later in 2018.
  4. An international place for an international student. The majority of residents are the young generation from the overseas country. The university of Kent is dubbed as the UK’s European university with it’s the main campus in Canterbury and another campus in other European countries such as Italy, Greece, Belgium.
  5. Weather: I would say it is the warmest place in the UK. We got the sunshine and more sun compares to another place.
  6. Local people just okay. Good place for raising family.
  7. Small city and you can walk to anywhere.
  8. Bus seems reliable and you can get anywhere to other interesting city nearby such as Margate, Broadstairs and Herne Bay.


  1. It is an expensive lifestyle which almost similar to London such as accommodation and. For restaurant be prepared to spend at least 15 -20 pounds for full set meals.
  2. Too touristy: lots pubs and tea house and if you like the crowd go clubbing then.
  3. Quite place during school break. I must get outta here when holiday come somehow but I also don’t want to go to London frequently as too expensive
  4. It is rarely get snow: if you are snow person you living in the wrong place
  5. Riding bicycle can be though here. as it is hilly small roads and compete with buses although they have special path for bicycle.
  6. Uber?? dont expect too much. It is so few here. Well only two so far but they are Audi and Prius. So quite fancy for normal Uber for 5-7 pounds ride haha

So are you considering to move here in Canterbury after reading this post?

Photo is Blean Woodlands where I spent my morning jog a few days ago.

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  1. Living in Coventry for 6 months, will trade it in a second to Canterbury


    1. Felly says:

      I wanna go to Coventry too hahah


  2. reymaulana says:

    Waah, baru tahu ya, ada tempat di Inggris yang jarang dapat salju juga.


    1. Felly says:

      hahaha iya aku juga baru tau pas nyampe disini :p


  3. Iqbal Waris says:

    Hi there,

    Could anyone please let me their experience if they want to travel by train from Canterbury to other places in the UK apart from London. As I understand the journeys can be fairly long as mostly one has to travel via London. I checked the time for train travel from Canterbury to Birmingham and it’s more than 3 hours !!. So could someone please advise me on how this can affect the residents of Canterbury. Many thanks.


    1. Felly says:

      Hi Iqbal

      Yes you need to get to London St. Pancras first if you want to go to Canterbury by train (55 minutes journey at minimum). I think from Birmingham to Canterbury for approx 3 hours is considered normal.

      What do you mean with ‘how this can affect the residents of Canterbury?”


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