Birding Out


I have one resolution on this 2012 to do more birding with my brand new binocular Vanguard 10 x 42. This would be my third binoculars after Pentax 10 x 50 and Nikon action 8 x40. The first one actually belongs to my belated Father and its already with my family since I cannot remember. It is very bulky and heavy but sometimes I am still using it to paparazi-ing my neighbour back home. Second one, I asked my friend to buy it in UK. After the third year and many adventures, this buddy cannot survived in extreme weather in Borneo. My old Nikon action is not water-proof and fog-proof. Later on I found some spots inside my binocular lenses which irritated me very much. It turns out everything I see will be foggy and unclear many times. From that time, I am really keen to get new binoculars especially with water-proof and fog-proof specification.Continue reading “Birding Out”