China: XTBG People


This post is about my new friends and collegues from China trip. Eventhough I have full range photos collection on Facebook, I just want to show it again here (the one that impressed me as amateur photographer LOL. I think I made lots of photos of Noah here. He’s just so cool! :D).  I met lots of bright students across US, Asia, or even Africa for sure. Haven’t count it how much but so far US, Philippines, Indonesia, Srilanka, Taiwan, China, Canada, Africa (forget which part … sorry :|).  I need to tell you stories more about Tropical Asian Forestry course in XTBG (Xishuangbanna Tropical Botanical Garden) but for now you can check this link because they just open full scholarship for next course in Spring 2014 (Deadline 15th November 2013!!).Continue reading “China: XTBG People”