Sustainable Development: In Perspectives of Humanity

Different sustainable development perceptions in developing countries may obscure the main goal of sustainable development. In turn, Sustainable development become radical and rigid to any improvement effort.

Concept of Sustainable Development

The Norwegian Prime Minister, Gro Harlem Brundtland coined ’sustainable development’ term in the 1987 World Conference on the Changing Atmosphere, which along with economic growth and environmental protection go hand-in-hand around the world. As a result international environmental cooperation is necessary needed for better future. Yet, Brundtland suggest in her report entitled Our Common Future that creating separately existing environmental institutions is not enough, because environmental issues are an integral part of all development policies. They are crucial economic considerations and sector policies and should be integrated as part of energy decisions, social issues, and other aspects of development project. Nevertheless, there are conceptual overgeneralisation (IUCN, 2006), overemphasized (Langhelle,1999), and overuse (Temple, 1992) as well as different perception in the terms of sustainable development (Wikipedia, 2009; IUCN, 2006; Kates et al., 2005).Continue reading “Sustainable Development: In Perspectives of Humanity”