India: Varanasi, The Holy City


This is my first post on India and it’s all about Varanasi. My short comments for this city it is very mystical. You will never regret if you go to India even if you tell stories on India  after time you will it very mesmerizing. Varanasi is one the holy city especially for Hindu people. You will find life and death here. You will see it enhanced with its quiet Ganges. Reminds me of Barito River in Kalimantan but it just full with decomposed and rotten things. You will amazed how much people bathed and drink its water. How Indian praises Ganges River more than ever. Sometimes you find it still very touristy. Oh well despite everything said by other people, it is always good to see different culture and unique landscape like the Ganges. Actually I made this posting while I am in travelling through Central Kalimantan. I hope I can make another post after this one for sure. Continue reading “India: Varanasi, The Holy City”