Kalimantan: Tanjung Puting in Photos | Tanjung Puting dalam Gambar


I know It’s been too long uploading Tanjung Puting photos but anyhow I am uploading it now! The real forest always bring me back to reality. Following here are my favourite photos during Tanjung Puting trip last May. Enjoy!Continue reading “Kalimantan: Tanjung Puting in Photos | Tanjung Puting dalam Gambar”


Kalimantan: Walking with Orangutan at Tanjung Puting


Why travel to nature when already work with nature?

That’s the question that people always asked when I have holiday. I have to be honest living as a environmental consultant as I always traveling to a place that maybe people never heard and make people envy. However, behind that shining fact I always miss my relax time in touristy place just like normal people. Reconnecting with nature is always be my first option for personal travel. Mountains, waterfalls and beaches are always be my interest to detox my clouded mind and wash away my spirit. Another alternative is also visiting national park to meet my interest on nature and science.

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