Kalimantan: Tanjung Puting in Photos | Tanjung Puting dalam Gambar


I know It’s been too long uploading Tanjung Puting photos but anyhow I am uploading it now! The real forest always bring me back to reality. Following here are my favourite photos during Tanjung Puting trip last May. Enjoy!Continue reading “Kalimantan: Tanjung Puting in Photos | Tanjung Puting dalam Gambar”


Kalimantan: Walking with Orangutan at Tanjung Puting


Why travel to nature when already work with nature?

That’s the question that people always asked when I have holiday. I have to be honest living as a environmental consultant as I always traveling to a place that maybe people never heard and make people envy. However, behind that shining fact I always miss my relax time in touristy place just like normal people. Reconnecting with nature is always be my first option for personal travel. Mountains, waterfalls and beaches are always be my interest to detox my clouded mind and wash away my spirit. Another alternative is also visiting national park to meet my interest on nature and science.

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Target Konservasi untuk Menjaga Hotspot Keanekaragaman Hayati terhadap Perubahan Iklim dan Tutupan Lahan


Beberapa waktu lalu telah terbit artikel ilmiah yang berjudul

“Targeted Conservation to Safeguard a Biodiversity Hotspot from Climate and Land-Cover Change” yang dipublikasikan dalam Current Biology, Volume 25, Issue 3, p372–378, 2 February 2015 (http://www.cell.com/current-biology/abstract/S0960-9822%2814%2901565-6).

Secara Singkat

Struebig et al. menunjukkan dampak yang disebabkan perubahan tutupan lahan dan iklim di masa mendatang bisa saja terjadi pada mamalia Borneo, dimana hampir dua kali lipat spesies akan terkena dampak bila dibandingkan di masa kini. Mitigasi diperlukan dalam usaha peningkatan konservasi di non-kawasan lindung. Analisis spasial dapat mengidentifikasi kawasan dataran tinggi dimana kemitraan konservasi kehutanan kemungkinan paling efektif.Continue reading “Target Konservasi untuk Menjaga Hotspot Keanekaragaman Hayati terhadap Perubahan Iklim dan Tutupan Lahan”

Borneo: The Mushroom of Kalimantan | Jejamuran Kalimantan


I love taking mushroom pictures! They are awesome macro objects like bats with various colour, shape, size and diversity :). I did not realised I have taken many pictures of them since last year in Kalimantan. Maybe the results not even close to Taylor Lockwood professional photos, my mushroom photo mentor, but for now I just love seeing them on my screen.

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