Inside YCPA 2013

20130627_085415I have promised to you all for telling my stories on YCPA 2013. How did I stumbled upon this beauty pageant award for young professional woman. But probably you guys knew it already. My friend Chika and I promised to join this competition together before because of the prizes, visiting the Google office in Singapore.

YCPA 2013 is an eye opening experience and I must tell you this is once experience in a life time. I don’t know how to react at first but in such a strange way it becomes part of my life . It is also my learning curve and has changed my daily perspective too. People with different background and experience will enrich your soul. You will be less expecting, flexible, and embrace what you have nowadays.

So be thankful and people surround you will enrich you.

For now I just can’t wait for the Singapore Trip with all the Best 9 Winner this October!


The photo above is from our Caring Colours make up class session at JS Luwansa Hotel, Jakarta last June.


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