6 Alasan Mengapa Kartu Nama Itu Penting


Terkadang tanpa kita sadari kehadiran kartu nama masih sangat diperlukan di era digital saat ini. Saya pun hingga kini sangat suka mengkoleksi kartu nama baik dari hotel, toko, restoran, kolega dan tentunya teman sendiri. Mengapa demikian?Continue reading “6 Alasan Mengapa Kartu Nama Itu Penting”


Inside YCPA 2013

20130627_085415I have promised to you all for telling my stories on YCPA 2013. How did I stumbled upon this beauty pageant award for young professional woman. But probably you guys knew it already. My friend Chika and I promised to join this competition together before because of the prizes, visiting the Google office in Singapore.Continue reading “Inside YCPA 2013”

Vote me on “Young Caring Professional Award 2013”

Image YCPA 2013

Never thought would be the 1 from 20 finalist of YCPA 2013. I am considering myself very lucky and definitely ready to learn and reap many knowledge from this event. Really grateful when Cika, a friend from undergraduate school was telling me about this award in the right time before the closing registration date. Okay, I will let you know anything about this award later but for now …

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2nd: On the App Page https://apps.facebook.com/caringcolor/
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Thanks very much for your help and please promote me to other friends as wellContinue reading “Vote me on “Young Caring Professional Award 2013””