Borneo: The Mushroom of Kalimantan | Jejamuran Kalimantan


I love taking mushroom pictures! They are awesome macro objects like bats with various colour, shape, size and diversity :). I did not realised I have taken many pictures of them since last year in Kalimantan. Maybe the results not even close to Taylor Lockwood professional photos, my mushroom photo mentor, but for now I just love seeing them on my screen.

Maybe someone can identify them for me? :p

Saya suka sekali mengambil gambar jamur! Mereka adalah obyek makro yang mengagumkan seperti kelelawar dengan berbagai warna, bentuk, ukuran, dan ragam jenis :). Saya tidak menyadari telah mengambil banyak gambar jamur sejak tahun lalu di Kalimantan. Mungkin hasilnya masih jauh dengan foto profesional Taylor Lockwood , mentor saya dalam mengambil foto jamur, tapi untuk sekarang saya suka sekali melihat mereka di layar komputer.

Mungkin seseorang dapat mengidentifikasi jamur-jamur ini untuk saya? :p


DSCF0126rutmal DSCF0147xx

DSCF7877 DSCF7924







DSCF0382xx DSCF9947rut-mal





  1. Very cool! I have a few mushroom pics myself, they always makes me feel a bit whimsical. I can’t help but imagine that there are fairies or gnomes living in them. :)


    1. Felly says:

      hahaha great! put them into your blog then + fairies + gnomes in it hehe


      1. :) Only those who are chosen can see them..


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