For Any Scholarship Seekers

If finding scholarship is merely a job then I would be a scholarship seekers.

It feels too long since I was graduated from my first degree and lately my postgraduate degree. However, before you enter the ‘question’ better you ask yourself first. Because sometimes we forget the reason why we pursue higher education.

When I made my first attempt continuing my education, I am basically pretty idealistic especially when it comes to my life choices. Then I had my Master’s degree through a scholarship. For which I didn’t regret at all although it turned out different than what I did expected. Knowledge will open your mind for sure but after all there are so many options in this world. So what is your main reason for pursuing your degree? Do Master’s and PhD just your life ambition and/or your parents dream? Master’s degree and/or PhD definitely not for everyone and tend to be seen as a waste of time. 

Another question is ‘What is the meaning of a degree without experience? or knowledge without application to your society and country?’ Anyway without sharing your knowledge perhaps your education may not beneficial at all. That is why I believe there is two kind of people in this world: (1) Destined for Normal Education and (2). Destined for Informal Education I am trully agree lesson of life much more beneficial than normal education.

You may disagree with me but what is a smart human without morality? Smart human sometimes immoral. Average human sometimes has the biggest heart of all. High IQ and EQ somewhat are two faces and different in one human body. Education should not simply education but also to bring light for mind. Like Aristotle has been said “Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all.” At the time you really want your higher degree through scholarship scheme, It would be okay to make slow movement for preparing them all. Make sure you are liking the university and moreover your supervisor. Those will smooth your way and fulfill your career dreams.

# Photo: Happy times during my first field work in Pananjung Pangandaran Nature Reserve, West Java, Indonesia (by Emma Yustikasari)


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