Japan: Fuji Mountain Solo Hiking


Hiking Fuji Mountain is always been my bucket list. I have been very worried since thinking that dream would become a reality. It was my first solo hiking but apparently it is not what I am afraid of. The problem is with me and myself.

The journey in a place where nobody talks in your own language.

The journey where it is only you and mind.

It was mentally exhausting during the preparation since I don’t want to stay overnight there. I did a lot of research [thanks to Pinterest!] for that but still many questions needs answered.

But the show must go on! with some help from Indonesian friends who live in the Japan for the last 5 years, I went solo climbing to Fuji Mountain last August 2015.

DSC_0197Everything was just so cute even it is only a train. This is some of few trains that will bring you to the 5th station of Fuji Mountain. It took around 3 hours from Shinjuku Station in Tokyo with bus and trains to get to Fuji San. Anyhow I got good price since I use special pass for foreigners :)

DSC_0201I was alone and it was 9.30pm, cold, drizzle rain, pitch dark with heavy mist. I really hoped that I can see the clear sunrise in the next morning. Most people hiked with their family and friends even children!

DSC_0220Finally, A VERY beautiful sunrise around 4.20am! After more or less 6 hours hiking together with thousands of people [WIN!]. Cameras, action cams, vid-cams everywhere even video call! (yes, someone did that! :D)

DSC_0227Tried to find something warm including some noodles or hot drinks on the top of Fuji-san. It’s very overpriced by I just want something warm. It is around 2 Celcius degrees which a bit too much for tropical person like me.

DSC_0230When you will feel something like this again, being at near 3,776 m above the sea level? To see youself  above the clouds and it is not even on plane.

DSC_0235Need to go back to Tokyo and the traffic is like this! *gasp.

DSC_0243Some few options to go up and down but I went with the Yoshida Trail. There are clear remarks and notification for everybody. You cannot get lost here I reckon.

DSC_0244I prefer hiking rather than downhill for sure! My knees were really painful after 6 hours hiking and 3 – 4 hours downhill in a full strike. But look at the bright side, BEAUTIFUL SCENERY and THE CLEANEST AIR IN THE WORLD.

DSC_0246All we need just a foot selfie with Fuji-San. Not the best selfie ever but will be memorable forever :)

DSC_0248The famous Fuji 5th Station where it all begins during the day. Actually it is almost nothing here except hotels, restaurants, and bus stop where most people come and go. Overall, even it just a transit place you can see interesting stuff and observe various people from different countries not only from Japan.

And after this I think I want to hike much higher mountain :))

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  1. indrijuwono says:

    Woooww! Keren banget ini!!


    1. Felly says:

      pokonya harus kesana klo ke Jepang lagi, Ndri :)


    2. Qui says:

      Nyampe puncaknya, Pel? apa cuma pos kesekian aja? Saljunya mana?


      1. Felly says:

        Pos tertinggi makanya gue bilang mendekati 3,776 asl. Saljunya udah menghilang karena udah musim panas. Kalo gue berangkat akhir Juli sih masih ada kata tmn gue.


  2. indrijuwono says:

    lho, ternyata gue sudah komen :p


  3. Felly, ah! Semua overpriced yaaa di gunung. Kalau temuan gw yang paling sadis (sejauh ini) adalah di gunung Batur. Teh anget dibaderol Rp30,000. Hahahaa..
    I couldn’t help but laugh to see the ‘traffic’.


    1. Felly says:

      well klo overpriced sih keknya pilih2 aja. Untuk sekelas Jepang dan Fuji ya sudlah hahah. Lagian gue dpt tiket PP murah heheh dan ga nyampe 500ribu udah all in semua tiket kereta dan bis yang hampir 4 jam itu. Kalo makanan dan minum gue bawa sendiri kecuali minuman anget. Tapi emang kebangetan sih pas di puncak langsung drop 2 derajat keknya!

      night hiking fuji

      yups kek gini ni gambaran antrean panjang sekitar dini hari. Gue susah banget dapetin foto tapi kan emang niatnya sprint hiking supaya ga ketinggalan matahari pagi :D.


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