More about Billingual Blogging


Anyhow, if you realised there is a mirror pages for this blog. For me but in this way I can more separate my writings in Bahasa and English by using different language but using same menu and themes. Until then my posts in Bahasa Indonesia will be on but my main blog would be still on

The problem with bilingual blog that you should have strategy how to make it represented. There are three ways to do that!

First, make all posts in English and then translated them into other language after you finished your posts.


Second, make all posts from English and then other language every each paragraph.


Third, make your English and translated post in different webpage. For example my for Bahasa Indonesia post.

So I have tried all those types but finally I tried the last type since last month.

Which one do you prefer?

Photo is from my last blogpost in Bahasa Indonesia, What is benefits to be a birdwatcher? Need to pinpoint this question and explained it to my Indonesian friends as many of them don’t know what kind of this profession.

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