Apakah Kebun Binatang Bandung masih perlu diselamatkan?

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Beberapa waktu lalu dunia sosial media Indonesia khususnya kota Bandung diramaikan oleh petisi pada Change.org Selamatkan Kebun Binatang Bandung! Namun apakah memang KBB memang layak untuk diselamatkan?Continue reading “Apakah Kebun Binatang Bandung masih perlu diselamatkan?”


Bandung: Taman Lansia | Senior Citizen Park


First time after years didn’t go to this place for meeting friend and found most of the place improved with flower & decoration plants sellers everywhere. It looks nice but still couldn’t find place to sit in rainy days like nowadays. Forget the rubbish as well! We still found rubbish but it’s better than used to.

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Bandung: A Night with BCN | Semalam Bersama BCN

BCN or Braga Culinary Night, Satnite culinary festival in Bandung my hometown. A great place to hangout with old fellas despte too crowded and struggling to find any authentic Sundanese food (forget about the price as well! it is higher than usual). The good thing I love walking through Braga Street. In the evening it is so much different than in day time with the old builidings.

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