Penang: People and Buffalo


Found this wood carving in Pinang Peranakan Mansion. I love the details and its comical people. Everyone looks happy including the buffalo.Continue reading “Penang: People and Buffalo”


Penang: Nyonya at Pinang Peranakan Mansion


Pinang Peranakan Mansion is located in business neighbourhood of Georgetown. It is adorned with high quality houseware and jeweleries that you might find in Chinese wedding reception or high-end Chinese family. One another time, I met a Nyonya Just before gone back to my hostel. She is beautiful Chinese lady who talks in speedy Malay. One of her attention on me is my solo traveling. From all people who questioned my traveling lifestyle it’s only her and the other woman in Penang who praised this (crazy) idea. Well she definitely loves to chat and maybe travel when she’s young too.

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Penang: 5 Solo Traveler Things To Do in Penang


Solo traveling means spiritual journey for me and perhaps you! This Penang Trip is my first solo trip after years always go with friends or family. So what you can do in Penang as solo traveler?

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Penang: The Blue Mansion


It was a great fun to visit this famous Cheong Fatt Tze Mansion. This place has unusual indigo colour and very picturesque. You can visit this place with admission fee only RM 16 per person. Find great stories behind this place and if you love Chinese Culture and Architecture you will love this mansion.

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Penang: Welcome to Strait of Malacca


I visited Penang recently through Singapore. This UNESCO World Heritage Site is located in historical of Strait of Mallacca. Honestly, I am looking for more cultural experience than nature sightseeing for sure if anyone asked. Sadly I didn’t make it birdwatching in Penang Hill due to unfortunate weather. This trip is sort of my first experience as solo traveler because many times I go traveling with friends. Based on my view over 3D2N, Penang is very friendly and accommodating for solo and women traveler like me.

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