LIEBSTER AWARD: This is for fun, (Travelers)!


So finally I write this random but fun post called LIEBSTER AWARD. Thanks to Andine, I have this award  and here I want to show some love to other bloggers (muuaaaahhh!). Next is the most exciting and fun part … with the rules.


  1. Thank the person who nominates you and post a link to their blog on your blog (YES! It’s you Andine!)
  2. Display the award on your blog
  3. Answer 11 questions from person who nominates you about yourself
  4. Make 11 random facts about yourself
  5. Nominate 5-11 cool blogs that you feel suitable for the award
  6. Create new list of questions for other blogger to answer
  7. List this rules in your post and then you have to
  8. Inform the blog/people to make the same thing to their favourite blog

Honestly I hate babbling in such a long words that is why I prefer to speak with pictures :D But anyway THIS IS IT!

11 Fun Facts about ME

Everything comes not in order

  1. I am selective omnivore now but I have tried to be a vegan and vegetarian before.
  2. I am a simple person and trying to be a minimalist for the last 5 years (I still love good stuff  even though its expensive stuff though)
  3. I am into yoga especially Ashtanga even though not for full time.
  4. I am into spa and massage. It’s my biggest vice ever!
  5. I love design and art since I was a kid but when a little bit older I turn my interest into natural science
  6. I have big interest to learn new language or foreign culture. I speak fluent English but once learned German, Italian, French. Need to re-learn the last three as I’ve forgotten already and didn’t use it for such a long time.
  7. I am light traveler. Nowadays always try to go traveling with only 25Litre rucksack or maybe less if possible.
  8. I consider myself not a blogger but I learn writing through blogging (eh?).
  9. Smile :)
  10. I am a big fan of productivity and have big interest in social media but not considering myself as Tech-Geek.
  11. I use several programs (Evernote, TextEdit) and computers  (Mac, Windows) to write down this post.

6 Favourite Bloggers I want to give Liebster Award to

Well I don’t have too many things to read on my blogroll due to my traveling and work but I do like to check these blogs ;) Another thing is not many Indonesian write blogs so making my reading list becomes much more smaller

  1. Indri Juwono : architect-supermom-my-ultimate-travelmate
  2. Devi R. Ayu : talkative-yoga-mind-big-heart-travel-sister
  3. Andina Septiarani : chemists-heart-long-time-buddy-cute-mom
  4. Ismail Agung : passionate-gibbon-keeper-and-young-biologist
  5. Anggita Denil: cute-girl-and-Indonesian-agro-engineer
  6. Dini Hajarrahmah : adorable-young-talented-fearless-Danone-girl

11 Questions for ME

These question from Andine from of course and actually I’m just gonna answer them with pictures :P

1. If you had one choice of any city in the world (beside those in your own country) that you can spend 1 month in, all expenses paid where would you go and why?

Photography by Alisdair Miller.

I think I’m just gonna traveling around Europe starting from London.

2. What book you love so much that you have re-read at least twice, why?

Paul Arden is the best and I love the way he’s doing and explanation. This book probably is the first one of its genre.

3. If you are a mythical creature what would you be?

Griffin probably because it has Lion body like my zodiac Leo

4. Tell us 3 things you love about where you are living at the moment

Balcony  & Garden – Great place for sipping my coffee/tea and reading books while looking through my large green garden

Sunset – Great sunset anytime from my balcony

Rain – Well I do love drizzle or just a rain after hot weather

5. What was you favourite photo you have taken the last year that you put up in your blog or any social media? Why? (can you put it up?)

Photo taken from my Krakatoa NYE trip because I love the blue and green colour :)

6. What food you really dislike? Why?

I am not a big fan for seafood since I have allergy to all kind crustacean food (weeew!)

7. What skills or weird thing would you show off if you were to be put on a talent show?

If you called headstand is a weird thing :D

8. Around you when you are reading this question, is there anything red? if there is what is it?


My moleskine for daily journal and bracelet thumbstick

9. What was the proudest moment in your life?

Joined in The Sisterhood of YCPA Caring Colors with many great and strong Indonesian women :) Such an inspirational experience and full of surprise!

10. Name 3 songs that makes you happy and smile

I named it all on my 8tracks playlist.

Explosions in The Sky – Your Hand in Mine

M38 – I Need You 

Penny & The Quarters – You & Me


11. What is your favourite quote?

Well said :)

11 Questions for YOU

The questions itself some are suitable for you, Travelers ;)

  1. What is the scariest moment of your life? Why?
  2. What is the most craziest thing you do in your entire life? Why?
  3. What is the best thing happened during your childhood?
  4. What is your top 3 in your bucket list?
  5. What kind of things do you like best? Family or career?
  6. If you are stranded in unoccupied island by yourself, what are you going to do?
  7. Which one do you prefer? To be a good people or success people? Why?
  8. Name the best 3 bands in the world! Why?
  9. What kind of traveler are you? Backpacker? Flashpacker? etc? Why do you choose that?
  10. What is your top 3 country or place you want to visit before die? Explain!
  11. What is your greatest vice? 

Whooooop!! it’s the end of  the post! I know it took long time to get here but you know more about me and my fun part now :p


Photo above is me having fun with ATV in Baluran National Park, East Java. YES, it would be my next post after this :)



  1. indrijuwono says:

    aaahhhh, aku terpiliih. tunggu scheduled post lainnya yaw!


    1. Felly says:

      maapkan daku menambah utangan blog heuheu


  2. Good to know you a bit more..:) YCPA thing sounds amazing.. did you actually get to visit google office? I like the term selective omnivore. Having crustacean allergy is not fun, that plate of prawn dish looks soo good..


    1. Felly says:

      Yes, actually I have tons of pictures there but didn’t have time to make a blog about it last year … but maybe later as flashback memory post :p

      You can find more with my fun journey with YCPA family below :)


      1. Felly says:

        Hahah actually I am still trying to be a vegan but for now seems impossible with lotsa good people, journey, and environment. And yeah my allergy is not fun at all but I’m trying to conquer it by not eating it :D


  3. Ismail Agung says:

    kayaknya ini adalah keduakalinya ane dapet liebster. dan entah harus bagaimana aku menyikapinya….
    ini tautannya

    pertanyaan ente susah bener, bisa ga kadarnya disesuaikan dengan kapasitas ane yang paspasan. piyuh..

    kapan kapan ya aku jawabnya. klo senggang dan ga sibuk main tangan kosong


    1. Felly says:

      hahahah mangga wae … lo termasuk manusia keren dunk udah dapet ini 2x.
      maapkan klo pertanyaannya susah … yg kepikiran kemaren dan langsung lancar yaaa eta haha


      1. Ismail Agung says:

        Bah, keren apanya. Menurut kesimpulan aku sih, saya adalah


      2. Felly says:

        ghaaaaayyyyaaaa! :D


      3. Ismail Agung says:

        Bah, keren apanya. Menurut kesimpulanku sih, ane adalah korban dari blogger yg bingung mau forward ke siapa. Kayaknya kamu juga termasuk org yg bingung itu juga, hehehehe.

        Well, berhubung kamu baik. Kamu dapat award untuk masuk list blog yang aku pantau via feed.
        Selamat kamu aku follow tanpa harus blogwalking :)


      4. Felly says:

        hahaha betul juga … kan udah gua bilang blogroll g kan dikit jadi paling temen2 aja .. itu juga yang ngaku punya blog :p

        *salaman +hi5


      5. Ismail Agung says:

        Eh, sekedar pemberitahuan.
        Itu settingan RSS kamu masih berupa summary doang. Ganti dong ke full article, biar ane bisa baca offline dan kagak harus download.
        Berbaik hatilah sama orang yang susah dapet sinyal.


      6. Felly says:

        klo full article menuh2in halaman yg desktop dan mengurangi estetika layout gue. Lagipula orang kan suka milih2 bacaan :D

        yahhh gua cek dehh keknya klo versi mobile bisa


      7. Ismail Agung says:

        Bukan settingan tampilannya fel. Settingan rss. Ada di setting gitu deh, ane lupa. Tinggal centang yang full text.


      8. Felly says:

        g barusan ganti di mobile options sehhh
        lo biasa baca dimana seh?


      9. Ismail Agung says:

        ane biasa baca pake rss feed. Bentar deh, aku coba pandu biar settingan feed ente kagak nampilin cuman seuprit


      10. Ismail Agung says:

        Coba masuk ke setting–> reading
        Coba baca yg ada tulisan feed
        Syndication feed coba ganti jadi 20 (ini batas post terbaru yg bisa diakses feed, mau 100 juga gapapa. Jadi yg baca via feed bisa baca postingan lama)
        Article feed show coba centang yang fulltext.

        Ta daa. Terima kasih sudah mau berbagi feed.


      11. Felly says:

        Done! :)


      12. Ismail Agung says:

        Great! (Sudah di cek dan betul)
        -maafkan kami yg fakir bandwith dan sinyal kuat-


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