Scholarship Hunters: Have you done this checklist?

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This is a part of personal reminder when writing personal statement and scholarship application in general. It might be useful for you during hectic time in the scholarship application writing process :)

Spelling consistency: British English or American English?

Make your sentences NOT flowery. Try to paraphrase if you find ideas from the web or somewhere else. Best to NOT copy paste sentence from other people.

Check grammars and ask someone to review your work. Native speakers is much more preferable. As an Indonesian, I wrote sentence that does not make sense many times! (blame it to my Indonesian wording logic).

Avoid jargon! Avoid slangs! Try to think other word or sentence that everyone could understand. Remember who is your audience!

Keep up to date with news and technology related to your research and project areas. They could be used as basis to develop and enrich your proposal and personal statement.

How you consider your application is good to go? There is (no) such thing like perfection but I do believe in excellence and hard work. Try to review many times as you can :)

Make good statement of future plans. These must inline with spirit of the funding sources. Think about it day and night. Write it down anytime when you are inspired :))

Aim high, dream big but always be realistic! You could also cut these high dream into few dreams and seam them into larger picture. Learn to dream high as you can because you might find that your dreams as not as high as you think beforehand.

Give details for every specification and examples for your personal qualities. Make sure using language that into achieving oriented language.

Last but not least, make sure you have your own personalised resume or curriculum vitae. Good organisation and updated resume will definitely valuable in the future.

Photo is gloomy and rainy day in Kuala Lumpur where I attended sustainable oil palm conference last week.

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  1. The saying is Aim High, Dream Big. They don’t say Dream high in English. :)


    1. Felly says:

      Haaaaaa do-uhhhh
      Thank youuuuuuu!!! :)


  2. winnymarlina says:

    pr bgt ini kak


    1. Felly says:

      klo ga peer ya gampang donk :D


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