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This post starts when I had discussion with friends especially Rijal Fahmi. There is some polemic of bilingual or even multi-language blogs as not many blogs in Bahasa Indonesia. It is also more effective building your blog audience by using one language (NOT bilingual or even multi language!). Plus, there are so many blog contexts that may only relevant to your Indonesian audiences. 

So I did brief research on “bilingual + blog” and “blogging + bilingual”. Apparently not much BB (Bilingual Blog) or maybe I am not really looking. The results are more likely about the context “bilingualism” itself and what is bilingual blogs. For example: “set up multilingual blog”, “life as bilingual” and “raising bilingual children” etc etc.

However, I would say if writing BB is your thing then why not just do it! Does it make you happy? or even it burden you a lot with translation job? So it would depend on your blogging goals and purposes (my reason is here).

I feel at the same time giving more information and reaching more audiences. In the same time, it also take a lot of work although sharpen your perspectives and skills in other language.

One thing for sure if you want to be in this business then you have to be involved in the community that similar with your blog characters. Maybe they are not speaking the same language with your blog either! Anyhow, blogging is another way to do networking, right?

Btw, check this link for fantastic tips for newbie in bilingual blog world!

Photo is Cathedral Church dome in Berlin which taken this mid December 2015. Instead visiting this beautiful church, I made a visit to Museum Insel or namely “Island of Museum”. The area itself listed as UNESCO World Heritage Site where most likely history museums located.

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