How Many Camera You Need in Life?


I am embraced the concept of minimalism so the answer would be only one. Eventhough during my field work it would be tons of hassle with all my field gadgets but my Fujifilm X10 never let me down. I have rethinking to have my second generation camera but for now I would stay a while with my camera for the last 3 years. Continue reading “How Many Camera You Need in Life?”


Borneo: West Kalimantan from Above | Kalimantan Barat dari Atas


I am playing with my camera, Fujifilm X10 since they have updated new firmware. I am glad bought this camera 2 years ago and the photo colour produced is always very beautiful. Tested it out using advanced filter (partial colour blue) for the sky and clouds (not a big fan filtered photos honestly) and the landscape also watershed looks AMAZING!

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