[NOTES]: Moratorium Workshop in Indonesia’s Primary Natural Forest and Peatland

Venue: Grand Sahid Jaya Hotel, 16 May 2013

First of all, All the views expressed on this blog are entirely my own, not those of any other person or organization. OK this workshop was most likely attended by government officials with 60 participants in total including press media, NGO, university, and company. Three days before workshop, The Presidential Instruction No. 6/2013 was issued to extend Indonesia moratorium which suspend any new license issuance and the opening of primary forests and peatlands until 13 May 2015. It was also called as Moratorium II which apparently has many similarities with the first moratorium regulation.

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Session I was moderated by Hoetomo MPA (Environmental Law Expert/ MoE Deputy for Environmental Law and Institution) and Session II by Bambang Hero Saharjo (Professor of Forest Protection & Dean of Forestry Faculty, Bogor Agricultural University). Workshop panelists were mainly come from Moratorium scheme stakeholders as below with their roles and implications:Continue reading “[NOTES]: Moratorium Workshop in Indonesia’s Primary Natural Forest and Peatland”