Jakarta: Museum Di Tengah Kebun | Mid Garden Museum


Since the first beginning, phone reservation and then walking through the gate I feel something special with this place. It is a pleasant and pop up hidden surprise after finally you see the whole collection in Sjahrial Djalil’s santuary, a legendary advertising figure and probably called as Indonesian Jones – if you can say him like that :DContinue reading “Jakarta: Museum Di Tengah Kebun | Mid Garden Museum”


Jakarta: Senayan Archery Club | Klab Memanah Senayan


Sabotage my Yogyakarta post for this one for a while! :) Located near the largest sport stadium in Jakarta finally I joined this archery cub with friends from Goodreads Indonesia. This is second sport together we took after went to the shooting club. I did actually abusing my hand couple times but I don’t blame my hind elbow because being so un-proportional with this kind of sport. Honestly more enjoyed taking pictures the scenery and friends :p

Saya menyabotase tulisan Yogyakarta sejenak untuk yang satu ini ! :) Terletak di dekat stadion olahraga terbesar di Jakarta akhirnya saya bergabung dengan klab panahan ini dengan teman-teman dari Goodreads Indonesia. Ini adalah olahraga bersama kedua kami setelah pergi ke klub menembak. Melukai siku tangan dalam beberapa kali kesempatan karena bentuk tangan yang tidak begitu sesuai dengan jenis olahraga ini (ngga terlalu mikirin juga sih). Jujur saja lebih menikmati mengambil gambar pemandangan dan teman-teman :p

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Jakarta: BLOK M Shooting Club | Klab Menembak BLOK M


If you need some anger management therapy then you should go here and have fun :D It is a cheap sport and you can go with friends. Buy some bullets for go more than hours for each weapon (15 bullets/Rp 25.000) and you even will be guided by instructors from PERBAKIN (Indonesian Shooting and Hunting Association). Me and the girls will definitely be back for more action especially after our first shooting experience.

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Museums in Jakarta

Museums are (1) not to be strolled around in but to be experienced, (2) made up of collections expressive of the soul of that ‘experience’, (3) not in fact museums but merely galleries when emptied of their collections. – Orhan Pamuk, The Museum of Innocence

So many time but so many museums. This post is compilation from my previous trip to Jakarta Museums (Museum Bank Mandiri, Museum Wayang, Museum Fatahillah, and Museum Senirupa & Keramik), There are at least 10 museums in Jakarta both outdoor and indoor which probaby worth it to visit when next time you all visiting Jakarta. It is not really pricey and mostly located near public transportation such as TransJakarta and KRL (Commuter Line). After my last visit in National Museum, I have tried to visit 3 more museums either by myself, brother, and also my Bogor housemates. Museums can offer you many option for sightseeing and adding you more knowledge, experiences. It is true in Jakarta you can see many museums and some people probably don’t know and even bother to visit it which is sad. I am definitely a museum lover and old buildings! Definitely will try to visit more museums after this! One of favourite would be The Fine Art and Ceramic Museum (Museum Senirupa dan Keramik). I love all the painting collections despite only saw Raden Saleh prints there and it’s in very poor quality if you compare with all technology we have now for printing (because you must see the original paintings in The Netherland).

Still around Kota Tua Area just before all those museums, you can see vintage Jakarta Kota Station building. I like the arched roofs :)

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[NOTES]: Moratorium Workshop in Indonesia’s Primary Natural Forest and Peatland

Venue: Grand Sahid Jaya Hotel, 16 May 2013

First of all, All the views expressed on this blog are entirely my own, not those of any other person or organization. OK this workshop was most likely attended by government officials with 60 participants in total including press media, NGO, university, and company. Three days before workshop, The Presidential Instruction No. 6/2013 was issued to extend Indonesia moratorium which suspend any new license issuance and the opening of primary forests and peatlands until 13 May 2015. It was also called as Moratorium II which apparently has many similarities with the first moratorium regulation.

Download Here:



Session I was moderated by Hoetomo MPA (Environmental Law Expert/ MoE Deputy for Environmental Law and Institution) and Session II by Bambang Hero Saharjo (Professor of Forest Protection & Dean of Forestry Faculty, Bogor Agricultural University). Workshop panelists were mainly come from Moratorium scheme stakeholders as below with their roles and implications:Continue reading “[NOTES]: Moratorium Workshop in Indonesia’s Primary Natural Forest and Peatland”