Taiwan Cities in 5 Days


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7+ Reasons Why You Should Visit Taiwan

There were a lot questions when I said  to my friends why I am going to Taiwan. Based on 5 days trip in Taoyuan – Taipei – Hualien – Kaohsiung, I can give you some answers. Please remind most pointers here are my own experience, which could be very different than yours.
It is expensive train but you know what you get!

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Taiwan: Gymnast/Yoga Day Near Shihtiping


While I am away in Taiwan, there was a special yoga festival in my second hometown that sadly I couldn’t joined.  So I celebrated Bogor Yoga Fair 2014 with Cartwheel and Headstand (Shirshasana). Maybe it is not perfect but it is ‘perfect’ that time.Continue reading “Taiwan: Gymnast/Yoga Day Near Shihtiping”

Taiwan: Taipei 101

DSCF4466Taipei 101 is 3rd tallest building in the world after Burj Khalifa of Dubai, CN Tower of Canada and before Petronas Twin Tower of Malaysia. I am happy to be there although cannot enter the building due too bad weather.  So yeah this is my first post after my trip to Taiwan last week. Hope you will enjoy the pictures below and after this post.Continue reading “Taiwan: Taipei 101”