Vesakh Day 2013: Borobudur & Mendut

It was big day for all Buddhist people in Magelang and I feel great with all the vibes and mantras but it was also quite disappointing indeed. Borobudur and Mendut Temple as sacred place for Buddhist people were full with 10,000 people at least, adding more environmental and social problem indeed with all travelers which probably 80% were not Buddhist.  Lack of respect for any Buddhist to let them proceeding their religion practices, tons of trashes inside the temple, and ignorant and irresponsible photographers chasing any photos neglecting them own code by tramping over the altar and hitting prayers’ feet!! These all make me angry although I am not a Buddhist!!! It should be a peaceful day for everyone. If Borobudur is closed next year for Vesakh Day 2014, it would be great loss. But it would help people to learn how to respect and behave to other people.

Light attraction from Borobudur Temple before it starts heavy rain and many people refuge into tent to wait The Lantern Festival which is cancelled this year.

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Padang: Sikuai Island, The Deserted Island


If you like adventures maybe you will like Sikuai Island. This island is left by most tourists because there is no island management and most facilities are broke down. At the time I got there with my friend, it was just us and 3 islanders. No ferry to take us there so we have to rent boat for IDR 800,000 per day (exclude gasoline & snorkeling equipment) but cover the entering ticket and fresh welcome coconuts (not only one but two!). My boatman was a great host along this trip. For you who want to get adventure to this island you can contact me more further.Continue reading “Padang: Sikuai Island, The Deserted Island”

Ancient Bandung

Bandung City, my hometown have long history on its making. Once upon a time there is no such thing called Bandung City. Parahyangan Plate is surrounded by many mountains and in the middle there is Danau Bandung Purba or an ancient lake (Danau = Lake). But after 50,000 years ago finally it dried up and then civilazation comes to this central area. Bandung means 2 wells side by side (Bramantyo & Bachtiar 2009). The history itself is so interesting and I am very happy after finally I finished their book about History and Tourism of Bandung from geological point of view. 

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