[Kartu Pos Giveaway] Jersey Trip #2


Dear Temans,

Mungkin sebelumnya sudah membaca tulisan Jersey Trip #1?

Kali ini saya ingin mengadakan undian berupa 2 kartu pos vintage dari Jersey Zoo Park (seperti diatas ini) yang nantinya akan saya umumkan pemenangnya minggu depan tanggal 19 November 2016 di postingan yang sama. Syaratnya cukup mudah kok! Follow akun twittter saya @FeliciaLasmana dan mengirimkan email perkenalan ke felicia.lasmana@yahoo.co.id dengan judul email [Request Kartu Pos] dan melampirkan data Nama dan Alamat Lengkap.

Terima kasih sudah membaca blog saya :)

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Jersey Trip #1


Minggu lalu saya diberi kesempatan baik untuk mengunjungi sebuah pulau bernama Jersey Island di Selat Channel (biasa disebut British Channel). Kunjungan ke salah satu pulau terbesar di Channel Islands ini adalah untuk menghadiri kuliah lapangan bertopik Integrated Species Conservation and Management di Durrell Conservation Academy. Tidak lupa pula kami mengunjungi Jersey Zoo Park yang mana merupakan bagian dari lokasi kami tinggal selama hampir seminggu penuh.  Continue reading “Jersey Trip #1”

Traveloka Aku Datang!

Foto para pengunjung yang sedang berjalan di Camp Leakey, Taman Nasional Tanjung Puting

Liburan tengah tahun sebentar lagi akan tiba. Apakah kalian berpikir untuk pergi ke suatu tempat yang sudah lama kalian idam-idamkan? Mungkin Tanjung Puting di Kalimantan Tengah yang baru saya kunjungi beberapa waktu lalu? Bagaimana kalau saya beritahu ada cara termudah untuk mendapatkan tiket gratis liburan?Continue reading “Traveloka Aku Datang!”

Gunung Gede Pangrango Hiking Month


As a biologist, of course I get used to with nature. However, I never considered myself as mountain climber eventhough I should do that for any fieldwork.

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When you had enough and become a travel bore


There is a time when you had enough with traveling. You can see the sign when lazy to pack and do all travel stuff. What kind of syndrome is this? It is a sign when you have traveling burnout. When this happened, I am seriously taken more staycation or work at home instead.

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Downtown of Yangon (Part II)


So this is the part two of Yangon downtown. Like i said before there are so many interesting things to see in this city. For example photo above. I am not sure what is company’s intention when making jargon for this soft drink ads :D

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Downtown of Yangon


Wandering Yangon, The Golden City and everytime you look around there is always be something new to see :) Above is a view of San Chaung Township where I stayed for a while at Humble Footprint Hostel/Hotel.Continue reading “Downtown of Yangon”

Shwedagon Pagoda: The Golden Pagoda


Just want to share a little bit of my traveling sight during Myanmar trip about a month ago here. ENJOY Shwedagon Pagoda in day time!Continue reading “Shwedagon Pagoda: The Golden Pagoda”

Papua: The Picturesque of Sentani Lake | Danau Sentani yang Indah


Previously I have attached another photo of Lake Sentani in different view and above is Lake Sentani on the ground. Some of you probably has noticed since I’ve put is as cover photo on Facebook. Great place for taking pictures especially on sunny day. I always remember I was a very happy kid when finally feel the air and touch the soil and grass of Lake Sentani.

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Krakatau: This is February & Krakatau Months | Ini Bulan Februari & Krakatau


February comes and go. Voila! it is almost mid of the month. I am hoping to produce more posts and productive as much as I can while I am traveling and working in the same time. So much difficult when you are traveling of course! OK this is maybe a self pity! I admit traveling often distract my focus to new things.

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Clouds in Panjang Strait in Riau |Awan di Selat Panjang di Riau


Pictures above from Selat Panjang, Riau when I visited for a work last early September 2013 / Foto di atas dari Selat Panjang, Riau ketika saya berkunjung untuk bekerja pada awal September 2013 kemarin.

Museums in Jakarta

Museums are (1) not to be strolled around in but to be experienced, (2) made up of collections expressive of the soul of that ‘experience’, (3) not in fact museums but merely galleries when emptied of their collections. – Orhan Pamuk, The Museum of Innocence

So many time but so many museums. This post is compilation from my previous trip to Jakarta Museums (Museum Bank Mandiri, Museum Wayang, Museum Fatahillah, and Museum Senirupa & Keramik), There are at least 10 museums in Jakarta both outdoor and indoor which probaby worth it to visit when next time you all visiting Jakarta. It is not really pricey and mostly located near public transportation such as TransJakarta and KRL (Commuter Line). After my last visit in National Museum, I have tried to visit 3 more museums either by myself, brother, and also my Bogor housemates. Museums can offer you many option for sightseeing and adding you more knowledge, experiences. It is true in Jakarta you can see many museums and some people probably don’t know and even bother to visit it which is sad. I am definitely a museum lover and old buildings! Definitely will try to visit more museums after this! One of favourite would be The Fine Art and Ceramic Museum (Museum Senirupa dan Keramik). I love all the painting collections despite only saw Raden Saleh prints there and it’s in very poor quality if you compare with all technology we have now for printing (because you must see the original paintings in The Netherland).

Still around Kota Tua Area just before all those museums, you can see vintage Jakarta Kota Station building. I like the arched roofs :)

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