Footprints in Wahau | Jejak di Wahau


So once again after 3 weeks I visited Wahau again. This time again to locate any animal sightings on smallholders oil palm plantation area. Interestingly we found many foot prints from cats, and also macaques like pictures above.Continue reading “Footprints in Wahau | Jejak di Wahau”


Borneo: My sightings on Wahau

Furs of Diard’s Clouded Leopard (Neofelis diardi). One of the villager caught and killed this poor creatures about 3 months ago when he found it’s stealing his hunted Sambar deer. You can see the furs still glow means it just skinned recently.

I was visiting Wahau for the first time about 3 weeks ago. It is located about 7 hours from Berau and full of oil palm development dynamics. One of my work characteristic nowadays! It is most likely visiting to disturbed – secondary forest, cleared land for oil palm plantation or any other use. I know this sort of boring but the reality that most good forest is altered into either agriculture, mining activities and even houses. Kalimantan most likely full with range of mountain although there is no volcano within the island.  With such terrain and human activities widespread across the island, there is not enough room for human and spesifically wildlife like orangutans or gibbons. That is why there are so many conflicts between human and wildlife nowadays in Sumatra and Kalimantan. Apart with the destruction, there are always good and interesting things to see and talk about. I like the villagers and it is always great to work and talk with them especially about animals. Seemed they are not really worry about animals in the forest. They keep saying they still can find and hunt these animals in such great amount specially pigs, dear and mouse deer.   Even some of their main occupation are hunters NOT farmers like most people nowadays in Kalimantan.Continue reading “Borneo: My sightings on Wahau”

Urban Bat Training

I went to Universitas Indonesia, Depok about early last month to give bat handling/mistnetting training to Sheherazade and friends (Ardian, Marsya,  and Shafi) because she will conduct her study on fruit bats at Central Sulawesi this June/July. Well the weather didn’t let us to catch a thing that night though. It was heavy rain just after we set up the mistnets. But it gave all us impression that bat training can be done not only at outdoor instead we discuss about bat handling techniques using equipment and fieldguides we gather before. Thanks to Susan Tsang, she’s the one who asked me to give this training to her students. Probably next time if the weather is nice to us I will catch bats at Depok or anywhere else.
Susan and I set up the mistnets before heavy rain cancelled our bat waiting night
Susan and I set up the mistnets before heavy rain cancelled our bat waiting night

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Museums in Jakarta

Museums are (1) not to be strolled around in but to be experienced, (2) made up of collections expressive of the soul of that ‘experience’, (3) not in fact museums but merely galleries when emptied of their collections. – Orhan Pamuk, The Museum of Innocence

So many time but so many museums. This post is compilation from my previous trip to Jakarta Museums (Museum Bank Mandiri, Museum Wayang, Museum Fatahillah, and Museum Senirupa & Keramik), There are at least 10 museums in Jakarta both outdoor and indoor which probaby worth it to visit when next time you all visiting Jakarta. It is not really pricey and mostly located near public transportation such as TransJakarta and KRL (Commuter Line). After my last visit in National Museum, I have tried to visit 3 more museums either by myself, brother, and also my Bogor housemates. Museums can offer you many option for sightseeing and adding you more knowledge, experiences. It is true in Jakarta you can see many museums and some people probably don’t know and even bother to visit it which is sad. I am definitely a museum lover and old buildings! Definitely will try to visit more museums after this! One of favourite would be The Fine Art and Ceramic Museum (Museum Senirupa dan Keramik). I love all the painting collections despite only saw Raden Saleh prints there and it’s in very poor quality if you compare with all technology we have now for printing (because you must see the original paintings in The Netherland).

Still around Kota Tua Area just before all those museums, you can see vintage Jakarta Kota Station building. I like the arched roofs :)

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Vesakh Day 2013: Borobudur & Mendut

It was big day for all Buddhist people in Magelang and I feel great with all the vibes and mantras but it was also quite disappointing indeed. Borobudur and Mendut Temple as sacred place for Buddhist people were full with 10,000 people at least, adding more environmental and social problem indeed with all travelers which probably 80% were not Buddhist.  Lack of respect for any Buddhist to let them proceeding their religion practices, tons of trashes inside the temple, and ignorant and irresponsible photographers chasing any photos neglecting them own code by tramping over the altar and hitting prayers’ feet!! These all make me angry although I am not a Buddhist!!! It should be a peaceful day for everyone. If Borobudur is closed next year for Vesakh Day 2014, it would be great loss. But it would help people to learn how to respect and behave to other people.

Light attraction from Borobudur Temple before it starts heavy rain and many people refuge into tent to wait The Lantern Festival which is cancelled this year.

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Padang: Culinary + Padang = Rendang


Traveling means another culinary experience. Traveling means meeting new people. After all I love eating new experiences. What does it means? You can see it all on the photos I took below. Anyway I always thought Padang meals all about Rendang, meat or vegetable with chili sauce and coconut floss. But after this Padang ‘Rendang’ Trip, my view to Padang culinary a little bit different.Continue reading “Padang: Culinary + Padang = Rendang”

Padang: Bukit Tinggi | The Tall Hills


I am hoping this would be my last posting for Padang Trip. You can say that this month is fully dedicated to this marvelous trip. After spend one day at Padang and Sikuai Island, we continue our journey to the north of West Sumatera which full with mountains and hilly areas.
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Padang: 70s & 80s Padang


I am probably gonna say that Padang is a boring city. Well that would kinda upset Minang people though. But it’s totally true for big city girl like me, this city is so 70s and 80s. People seems wanna stay here because cannot move on from reality it’s been year 2-0-1-3.

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Padang: Sikuai Island, The Deserted Island


If you like adventures maybe you will like Sikuai Island. This island is left by most tourists because there is no island management and most facilities are broke down. At the time I got there with my friend, it was just us and 3 islanders. No ferry to take us there so we have to rent boat for IDR 800,000 per day (exclude gasoline & snorkeling equipment) but cover the entering ticket and fresh welcome coconuts (not only one but two!). My boatman was a great host along this trip. For you who want to get adventure to this island you can contact me more further.Continue reading “Padang: Sikuai Island, The Deserted Island”

Padang: Welcome to Padang


I went backpacking with my 25 Liter daypack with Indri to Padang. Consider it a minimalist and light traveling because it’s only a 3-days trip. Anyhow I am pretty tired carrying my 60 Liter rucksack go-and-back to the airport and hotel like I do usually. Got my ticket – which we already bought since 3 months ago – downloaded into my Galaxy Notes (I hate printing tickets! Less paper much better).Continue reading “Padang: Welcome to Padang”

What do you want to say to this little creature?


Mom left me and were killed by hunters few months ago. The hunters then took me to the village and fed me with rice and vegetables. It is great that they are not killing me but probably they will sell me when I am a bit bigger. I hate the fact that they put me into this little cage because it’s so noisy. It’s not like in the forest where I can eat Durians with Mom without fear.

Look at me …

Black and White


Wildlife is always be an interesting object to be captured. Black and white make strong pictures for making it more dramatical. I feel that with black and white you can give more details and stories behind all your pictures. I am trying to take pictures and minimised editing for B & W pics nowadays. We’ll see what happened next.