Week without Forest


As part of the job, moment before going to the forest maybe the most exciting part of my life. It would take a week or two weeks to do the preparation which maybe quite the same like when you go for traveling. It might be there is a lot of expectation when you are doing your travelling whether meeting new people, chasing new bats, exploring new location, or maybe another awesome adventures ahead! Continue reading “Week without Forest”


Different Perspective

Apart of my late Canon A550, I am now using Fujifilm X10. It  took me an ages to find this camera and learn how to use it. I never have a semi-profesional camera before and it is my first experience with buying camera. Although I really want to buy mirrorless camera at first but I just want to buy a simple but really powerful camera for traveling. Fujifilm X10 has it own look with vintage and strenght. But when it comes to photography you have to make your photos personal and also with your own signature. I love taking pictures from wildlife, building, people and etc but still I need more practice and skill to enhance my pictures message.Continue reading “Different Perspective”


Trilobite!: Eyewitness to Evolution

Interesting and impassioned book!

Read this book during my fieldwork in Sulawesi and luckily borrowed it from a friend. Many thanks to Adele for lending me this super awesome and well written book!

TRILOBITES is not only just a fossils says Richard Fortey. It contains many stories behind its carrapaces and moulting stages. Famous in Cambrian Period and vanished in the end of Ordovician Period, this living fossils manifests extraordinary features and reveals magnificent roles when earth still young and human doesn’t existed.Continue reading “TRILOBITES!”

Autobiography of a Yogi

Autobiography of a Yogi

It is about maybe a week after I finished this spectacular book. Spirituality and logics blend in one namely Autobiography of a Yogi. This is about life and adventure one man, Paramhansa Yogananda, to become and finally a Yogi. I have to be honest. I am a big fan of Steve Jobs and after reading his biography I am trying to find this book through internet.

Continue reading “Autobiography of a Yogi”

Birding Out


I have one resolution on this 2012 to do more birding with my brand new binocular Vanguard 10 x 42. This would be my third binoculars after Pentax 10 x 50 and Nikon action 8 x40. The first one actually belongs to my belated Father and its already with my family since I cannot remember. It is very bulky and heavy but sometimes I am still using it to paparazi-ing my neighbour back home. Second one, I asked my friend to buy it in UK. After the third year and many adventures, this buddy cannot survived in extreme weather in Borneo. My old Nikon action is not water-proof and fog-proof. Later on I found some spots inside my binocular lenses which irritated me very much. It turns out everything I see will be foggy and unclear many times. From that time, I am really keen to get new binoculars especially with water-proof and fog-proof specification.Continue reading “Birding Out”

The Cyber Island


Pramuka Island is located in Thousand Island, north Jakarta and popular known as tourist place and more likely cheap diving spot for the last few years like the other island such as Tidung or Pari Island. It was a bizzare trip for me since I found HSDPA signal and electricity 24/7 in this remote island (for phone signal definitely much better than home). That is the reason why they called it The Cyber Island, Pulau Pramuka (Pulau means Island in Bahasa Indonesia) is also the administrative center for Jakarta’s Thousand Island. Once said internet connection is very important for this area development and the locals depend on it. For me who’s outsiders consider it as part of  effort to popularise this quite small but attractive island. Amazing thing you could also find island is very clean and have their own recycle system.Continue reading “The Cyber Island”

Sakau Holiday : Mount Papandayan

It’s been ages ago since I am doing my fieldwork. Last time I went to the forest last September and I am still looking for new adventure after that. Instead going nowhere and “sakau” (Bahasa Indonesia slang for sick and addicted to drugs) for holiday at home, I am backpacking to some exotic place called Mount Papandayan with some new friends I met through Facebook and Goodreads.Continue reading “Sakau Holiday : Mount Papandayan”

Ancient Bandung

Bandung City, my hometown have long history on its making. Once upon a time there is no such thing called Bandung City. Parahyangan Plate is surrounded by many mountains and in the middle there is Danau Bandung Purba or an ancient lake (Danau = Lake). But after 50,000 years ago finally it dried up and then civilazation comes to this central area. Bandung means 2 wells side by side (Bramantyo & Bachtiar 2009). The history itself is so interesting and I am very happy after finally I finished their book about History and Tourism of Bandung from geological point of view. 

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Unboxing: Samsung Galaxy Note

I use Samsung Galaxy Note for a month and half now and feel many good vibe with it.

External Appearances

Quite big but really thin at first glance. Classy but tough one since the screen made of Gorilla Glass (same material with Iphone screen). Though have quite same price with its competitor this one absolutely were made for productive and creative people.Continue reading “Unboxing: Samsung Galaxy Note”