Bandung: A Night with BCN | Semalam Bersama BCN

BCN or Braga Culinary Night, Satnite culinary festival in Bandung my hometown. A great place to hangout with old fellas despte too crowded and struggling to find any authentic Sundanese food (forget about the price as well! it is higher than usual). The good thing I love walking through Braga Street. In the evening it is so much different than in day time with the old builidings.

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Jakarta: BLOK M Shooting Club | Klab Menembak BLOK M


If you need some anger management therapy then you should go here and have fun :D It is a cheap sport and you can go with friends. Buy some bullets for go more than hours for each weapon (15 bullets/Rp 25.000) and you even will be guided by instructors from PERBAKIN (Indonesian Shooting and Hunting Association). Me and the girls will definitely be back for more action especially after our first shooting experience.

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Krakatau: “The Wanderer” | “The Wanderer”


“The Wanderer” means kids from Wanderlust :D It has been great opportunity to meet you guys! Hope we can see each other again on the next trip (of course without sea sickness!) :D (Anyway first picture is from NYE at Sebesi Island).

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Krakatau: Anak Krakatau The Great | Anak Krakatau Sang Hebat


All we can see was a black sand beach when we arrived Krakatoa. I am begin to think about fertilizer and must be the land must be really really fertile (less than my expectation though :D). Most the succession phase now still in the phase of shrubs and coniferous tree. Also I feel in another world when entering a little forest. There is a small hike ahead us and anyone from 5 years old until more than 60 years old can climb in this track for half an hour to (almost) the top and see the cold lava path before flow into the other part of the mountain. The island itself actually an active volcano of Anak Gunung Krakatau. On the way back home, I feel I need more to explore the island, carry out my binoculars but seems nature was just so quite. All I can hear (like) bulbuls in very in the distance. Found hermit crab though and also a fish which probably fell from a seabirds grasp. It seems has been eaten (alive) by red ants! I feel that eerie stuff coming though all the way when wandering myself. Apparently Krakatoa is quite mystique with all the footsteps come and go to that historical place :D

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Krakatau: ‘Wanderlust’ Project: Travellers Meet Locals | Proyek ‘Wanderlust’: Para Pejalan Ketemu Orang Lokal


Wanderlust Indonesia is a socialpreneur project in which we meant to add values of traveling by encountering travelers and locals. Thus, aside of enjoying Indonesian’s tourism spots, travelers could contribute for locals development by doing social works in targeted places.

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Krakatau: Early Krakatoa | Awal Krakatau


I presumed you guys know about Krakatoa which was erupted in 1883 and made biology and geography lesson around the world become more interesting afterward. If not, I still won’t tell you about it but you can check it here and here. :D. When I heard this trip I must said YES to Dini, my travelmate to india before and Wanderlust co-founder (they are the travel planner and I will explain in one post). We travelled from Jakarta in the late evening to catch up ferry boat at Merak – Bakauheni – Canti. To get into Krakatoa in this trip actually we have to go to Sumatra first and then Sebesi Island (the nearest and biggest island near Krakatau for staying overnight). It was nice and smooth trip with new friends from Wanderlust. For the scenery in the evening definitely pitch black but when sunrise come we can see beautiful green small islands, white sand beach, dark blue and torquise sea water (made me wanna swim immediately!).

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Krakatau: This is February & Krakatau Months | Ini Bulan Februari & Krakatau


February comes and go. Voila! it is almost mid of the month. I am hoping to produce more posts and productive as much as I can while I am traveling and working in the same time. So much difficult when you are traveling of course! OK this is maybe a self pity! I admit traveling often distract my focus to new things.

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India: India Gate at New Delhi | Gerbang India di New Delhi

DSCF8659 DSCF8661

We couldn’t go to many places in New Delhi since only had 3 hours before airport time. India Gate is the right place for us that time although in super hot afternoon. India Gate is a national monument to commemorate 70,000 Indian soldiers who lost their lives fighting for the British Army during the World War I. 
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India: Asian Food in India | Masakan Asia di India

The title means it is not only Indian food. While we were in India we tasted not only Indian food but also Bhutanese and Tibetan food :)
Judul ini mengandung arti bahwa tulisan ini tidak hanya mengenai masakan India belaka. Selama kami di India kami merasakan tak hanya masakan India tapi juga masakan Bhutan dan Tibet :)

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India: Hectic Dharamsala | Dharamsala yang Sibuk


Anything you can find in Dharamsala starts here!!

Above picture is mural on Tibetan resistance, some of them including self immolation. You can visit a museum near Dalai Lama temple and residence to know more information for free. Leave your camera at special counter as it’s forbidden to carry them near this Dalai Lama’s area.

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Norbulingga: The Tibetan Lost City | Norbulingga: Kota Tibet Yang Hilang


Find a small city with temple, full with handicraftsmen, full with museums, full with souvenirs, of course with beautiful Tibetan buildings and many Tibetan refugees. You can even pray and meditate and do your yoga pose in Norbulingga Garden. Sipping butter tea at their tea house is possible here. It’s been quite a walk to get there but it’s nothing with the serene of this place. My suggestion even though for their super premium quality and it’s all hand made, most things sell here are expensive. But the entry ticket for Tibetan buildings and garden are only Rs40 -50/foreigners and Rs20/locals … and I got local price for my face :)Continue reading “Norbulingga: The Tibetan Lost City | Norbulingga: Kota Tibet Yang Hilang”

India: Dharamsala on the Street | Dharamsala di Jalanan


Whatever you take as transportation vehicles in India, let it be your own adventure. I found incredible thing when I was in at Dharamsala such as Rhesus Macaques (Macaca mulatta) (CITES: Appendix II) and Kashmir Grey Langur (Semnopithecus ajax) (IUCN : Endangered) sprawling on the street. You can even see details in every corner of buses or taxi like colourful offerings for gods/goddess and holy man pendant anytime and anywhere. Continue reading “India: Dharamsala on the Street | Dharamsala di Jalanan”