Shwedagon Pagoda: The Golden Pagoda


Just want to share a little bit of my traveling sight during Myanmar trip about a month ago here. ENJOY Shwedagon Pagoda in day time!Continue reading “Shwedagon Pagoda: The Golden Pagoda”


Taiwan: Gymnast/Yoga Day Near Shihtiping


While I am away in Taiwan, there was a special yoga festival in my second hometown that sadly I couldn’t joined.  So I celebrated Bogor Yoga Fair 2014 with Cartwheel and Headstand (Shirshasana). Maybe it is not perfect but it is ‘perfect’ that time.Continue reading “Taiwan: Gymnast/Yoga Day Near Shihtiping”

Taiwan: Taipei 101

DSCF4466Taipei 101 is 3rd tallest building in the world after Burj Khalifa of Dubai, CN Tower of Canada and before Petronas Twin Tower of Malaysia. I am happy to be there although cannot enter the building due too bad weather.  So yeah this is my first post after my trip to Taiwan last week. Hope you will enjoy the pictures below and after this post.Continue reading “Taiwan: Taipei 101”

Penang: People and Buffalo


Found this wood carving in Pinang Peranakan Mansion. I love the details and its comical people. Everyone looks happy including the buffalo.Continue reading “Penang: People and Buffalo”

Penang: Nyonya at Pinang Peranakan Mansion


Pinang Peranakan Mansion is located in business neighbourhood of Georgetown. It is adorned with high quality houseware and jeweleries that you might find in Chinese wedding reception or high-end Chinese family. One another time, I met a Nyonya Just before gone back to my hostel. She is beautiful Chinese lady who talks in speedy Malay. One of her attention on me is my solo traveling. From all people who questioned my traveling lifestyle it’s only her and the other woman in Penang who praised this (crazy) idea. Well she definitely loves to chat and maybe travel when she’s young too.

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Penang: The Blue Mansion


It was a great fun to visit this famous Cheong Fatt Tze Mansion. This place has unusual indigo colour and very picturesque. You can visit this place with admission fee only RM 16 per person. Find great stories behind this place and if you love Chinese Culture and Architecture you will love this mansion.

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Penang: Welcome to Strait of Malacca


I visited Penang recently through Singapore. This UNESCO World Heritage Site is located in historical of Strait of Mallacca. Honestly, I am looking for more cultural experience than nature sightseeing for sure if anyone asked. Sadly I didn’t make it birdwatching in Penang Hill due to unfortunate weather. This trip is sort of my first experience as solo traveler because many times I go traveling with friends. Based on my view over 3D2N, Penang is very friendly and accommodating for solo and women traveler like me.

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Bogor: A Night With A Moon | Semalam dengan Bulan

Actually taken about a week ago when I was in insomnia mode. Played with my Fujifilm X10 for quite long time until I got this image of dark yellow sky and moon. It’s kinda beautiful and eerie in the same time.

Gambar ini diambil sekitar minggu lalu ketika saya mengalami insomnia. Memainkan Fujifilm X10 selama beberapa lama hingga akhirnya mendapatkan gambar langit dan bulan kuning gelap. Sangat indah dan aneh di saat yang sama.


Serang: A Visit to Rumah Dunia | Kunjungan ke Rumah Dunia


Is this your old red bicycle?

 Apakah ini sepeda merah lama milikmu?

It was not a long journey to Rumah Dunia in Serang, Banten. It was only a short visit for “Rumah Adalah Di Mana Pun” book discussion last month. This book is written by Indri Juwono & her friends in Langkah Dewi. However, I will not talk about the travel book itself for now (*spoiler* I am also in the book as supporting character in Indri’s story :p). I am so impressed with the neighbourhood and Gol A Gong‘s mission to increase literacy in Banten. Who doesn’t know about Rumah Dunia, Gol A Gong, and Balada Si Roy? Even though honestly I never read it but I know him since I was in primary school. My first impression when seeing Rumah Dunia that it is so artsy. Many recycled and old stuff are combined and made into art stuff. There are Rumah Dunia Auditorium and outdoor hall for hundreds of people in the front yard . In the old version of Rumah Dunia, most building materials are made from bamboo.

The Barbie Birthday | Ulang Tahun Barbie


I helped organising birthday party for 5 years old girl recently. Had so much fun experience especially the theme was Barbie which probably the most favourite dolls in the world. Made simple party arrangement and instruction as you can read it here. | Saya membantu menyelenggarakan pesta ulang tahun untuk gadis berumur 5 tahun baru-baru ini. Mendapatkan pengalaman sangat menyenangkan apalagi temanya adalah Barbie, yang mungkin merupakan boneka terfavorit sedunia. Untuk susunan acara dan instruksi sederhananya dapat dibaca di sini.

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Papua: The Picturesque of Sentani Lake | Danau Sentani yang Indah


Previously I have attached another photo of Lake Sentani in different view and above is Lake Sentani on the ground. Some of you probably has noticed since I’ve put is as cover photo on Facebook. Great place for taking pictures especially on sunny day. I always remember I was a very happy kid when finally feel the air and touch the soil and grass of Lake Sentani.

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Papua: Land of Betel Nut | Negeri Pinang


Pinang fruit or Areca Nut which mainly said as Betel Nut is often chewed as wrapped in betel leaves/fruit and poured it with chalk. There is unique relationship between Papua people and Pinang as far I can see. I thought only elders Dayak people in Kalimantan chewed them a lot but here in Papua from young to elders they munching them all day! It seems very addictive like cigarettes! You almost can find people selling pinang in every street corner like two ladies above who I met on the way to Jayapura. For $1 or Rp 10,000,- you can have 10 pinangs, 5 betel fruits, and chalk as you like :DContinue reading “Papua: Land of Betel Nut | Negeri Pinang”