Traveloka Aku Datang!

Foto para pengunjung yang sedang berjalan di Camp Leakey, Taman Nasional Tanjung Puting

Liburan tengah tahun sebentar lagi akan tiba. Apakah kalian berpikir untuk pergi ke suatu tempat yang sudah lama kalian idam-idamkan? Mungkin Tanjung Puting di Kalimantan Tengah yang baru saya kunjungi beberapa waktu lalu? Bagaimana kalau saya beritahu ada cara termudah untuk mendapatkan tiket gratis liburan?Continue reading “Traveloka Aku Datang!”


Gunung Gede Pangrango Hiking Month


As a biologist, of course I get used to with nature. However, I never considered myself as mountain climber eventhough I should do that for any fieldwork.

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When you had enough and become a travel bore


There is a time when you had enough with traveling. You can see the sign when lazy to pack and do all travel stuff. What kind of syndrome is this? It is a sign when you have traveling burnout. When this happened, I am seriously taken more staycation or work at home instead.

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Downtown of Yangon (Part II)


So this is the part two of Yangon downtown. Like i said before there are so many interesting things to see in this city. For example photo above. I am not sure what is company’s intention when making jargon for this soft drink ads :D

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Downtown of Yangon


Wandering Yangon, The Golden City and everytime you look around there is always be something new to see :) Above is a view of San Chaung Township where I stayed for a while at Humble Footprint Hostel/Hotel.Continue reading “Downtown of Yangon”

Pomelo at Yangon


There are only few things in this world that can make me feel very happy. One of them is this place, POMELO!! It is not a fruit but a marketplace in the heart of Yangon city. If you are looking for unique stuff while supporting Myanmar local and homemade industry. This is a great place for you all :)


We provide a fair trade marketplace for small Myanmar producers, opening opportunities for them to improve their social and economic situation.

  • Location: 89 Thein Pyu Road. Yangon, Myanmar (just next door to Monsoon Restaurant)
  • Hours: every day 10:00am- 9:00pm

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Shwedagon Pagoda: The Golden Pagoda


Just want to share a little bit of my traveling sight during Myanmar trip about a month ago here. ENJOY Shwedagon Pagoda in day time!Continue reading “Shwedagon Pagoda: The Golden Pagoda”

Rambling in March

DSCF6396 Again after long time ago I am back to blogging world. My working mode nowadays sometimes make me want to stop blogging. However, it is not entirely true!Continue reading “Rambling in March”

Target 1 Juta Wisman Per Bulan Menurut Seorang Biolog, Pejalan dan Blogger



Kepada Yth.:
Bapak Arief Yahya
Menteri Pariwisata Republik Indonesia
Kementerian Pariwisata Republik Indonesia
Jln. Medan Merdeka Barat No. 27
Jakarta 10110

Dear Pak Menteri,

Perkenankan saya seorang warga negara Indonesia yang turut peduli pada industri pariwisata Indonesia. Saya ingin mengutarakan sebuah opini publik mengenai kebijakan Pemerintah Indonesia yang menargetkan kunjungan wisatawan mancanegara sebanyak 1 juta orang per bulan mulai Maret 2015.Continue reading “Target 1 Juta Wisman Per Bulan Menurut Seorang Biolog, Pejalan dan Blogger”

3 New Things To Do in Pangandaran

The mystical Sinjang Lawang Cave
The mystical Sinjang Lawang Cave

It was my third time at Pangandaran Beach last weekend which located on South Coast of West Java. I went first time with my family and then with my school mates for my first research experience. After almost 10 years ago, it seems Pangandaran very different than I remembered before. It becomes like a mini Bali. I guess tourism activity and tsunami does change Pangandaran culture a lot!Continue reading “3 New Things To Do in Pangandaran”

Review: Sekilas dan Titi Akmar

Hak Gambar:

Untuk memperingati Hari Blogger Nasional yang jatuh pada tanggal 27 Oktober 2014, saya akan menulis dalam bahasa Indonesia. Kali ini juga saya ingin bermain tebak-tebakan dengan pemilik blog HAHAHA boong deng! Tepatnya meninjau secara ringkas blog milik Titiw Akmar, seorang teman di Travel Blogger Indonesia.Continue reading “Review: Sekilas dan Titi Akmar”

Taiwan Cities in 5 Days


This is a brief city comparison I have visited in Taiwan last week.Continue reading “Taiwan Cities in 5 Days”