Taiwan Cities in 5 Days


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7+ Reasons Why You Should Visit Taiwan

There were a lot questions when I said  to my friends why I am going to Taiwan. Based on 5 days trip in Taoyuan – Taipei – Hualien – Kaohsiung, I can give you some answers. Please remind most pointers here are my own experience, which could be very different than yours.
It is expensive train but you know what you get!

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Jakarta: Dinner at Hotel Indonesia Kempinski, The Signatures Restaurant Review

Imagine that you can traveling across India right now. Imagine you can taste every such delicacy cuisine from northern, southern, and the rest of India without leaving Jakarta. Hotel Indonesia Kempinski Jakarta welcome you to taste original Indian culinary by their guest chef, Chef Ashwani Kumar Singh, a top chef at an award winning restaurants Dilli32, Kempinski Ambience Hotel, Delhi. For this special Colours of India event, Hotel Indonesia Kempinski Jakarta and Kempinski Ambience Hotel Delhi present colourful Indian buffet set up from 02 to 17 October 2014 at The Signatures Restaurant.Continue reading “Jakarta: Dinner at Hotel Indonesia Kempinski, The Signatures Restaurant Review”

Tourism & Community Development: Traveling for People or Places?


What do you remember after your traveling days?

If we relate this question to my traveling lifestyle then my answers would be combination of ‘meeting old and new friends’, ‘business purpose’, ‘experimental travel’, ‘world exploration’ , and ‘volunteer for a cause’.  I am pretty sure your answer would be different or maybe similar like mine.

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Conservation Travel Vs. Ecotourism

Ecotourism is defined as “responsible travel to natural areas that conserves the environment and improves the well-being of local people.” (TIES, 1990)
If you guys previously know about Ecotourism, what about Conservation Travel?  There is no single definition on Conservation Travel even though it has been coined by several ecotourism and travel based websites to date. However, it does have strong relation to ecotourism as mentioned in The International Ecotourism Society (TIES) webpage. I guess if you talked about traveling based conservation, it would not only including nature sightseeing but also what you can give back to society at your travel destination.

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Penang: 5 Solo Traveler Things To Do in Penang


Solo traveling means spiritual journey for me and perhaps you! This Penang Trip is my first solo trip after years always go with friends or family. So what you can do in Penang as solo traveler?

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[Event] Skyscanner Workshop Smart Travel Planning


Pullman Hotel Central Park, 06 September 2014

This is sort of my first meet up with Travel Bloggers Indonesia (TBI) friends and my second-ish traveling workshop with Skyscanner Indonesia www.skyscanner.co.id. 

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Nepal: Mimpi Perjalananku Menuju Atap Dunia

Sebagai seorang conservation biologist sekaligus narablog, Nepal merupakan destinasi impian bagi banyak orang termasuk saya.

Negara ini berlokasi di tengah-tengah rangkaian Pegunungan Himalaya yang juga merupakan daerah transisi antara Himalaya Timur dan Barat. Uniknya keanekaragaman hayati serta kondisi alam yang eksotis dan masih murni menjadikan Nepal sebagai daya tarik bagi para pejalan dan konservasionis dari seluruh dunia.

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New Traveling Gear | Perlengkapan Jalan Baru


I am really happy because I have new gear for traveling! It is not like previous one and even lighter! An Osprey Talon 33 Litre in cayenne colour. It just happened I have destiny with him (him because actually a men series and the one and only in the store). I have to let go my REI Rungwe 40 Litre  with lots of regrets. Well I need a lighter one though. I am kinda obsessed with light backpacking these few years.  Another reason because I am so tired with endless back pain :\

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Jakarta: Museum Di Tengah Kebun | Mid Garden Museum


Since the first beginning, phone reservation and then walking through the gate I feel something special with this place. It is a pleasant and pop up hidden surprise after finally you see the whole collection in Sjahrial Djalil’s santuary, a legendary advertising figure and probably called as Indonesian Jones – if you can say him like that :DContinue reading “Jakarta: Museum Di Tengah Kebun | Mid Garden Museum”

Apa itu Green Tourism?


Satu hal yang pastinya kita suka adalah jalan -jalan. Tapi apakah pernah berpikir apakah jalan-jalan yang penuh sukaria itu sebenarnya berkonsep ramah lingkungan atau tidak?

Dalam rangka Hari Lingkungan Hidup Internasional 2014, sebagai pejalan apa yang dapat kita lakukan sebagai pejalan yang bertanggungjawab secara lingkungan? Ulasan mengenai Green Tourism ini sebenarnya telah saya berikan sekitar 3 tahun lalu. Namun tentunya masih relevan dengan situasi masa kini.

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East Java: Baluran NOT Africa Van Java | Baluran BUKAN Africa di Jawa


Many people say Baluran National Park is an Africa van Java. I would say it’s wrong! Baluran is Baluran with its uniqueness.  This post starts a new chapter with my East Java adventure. Baluran National Park located near Banyuwangi Seaport and perfect place to visit just before crossing Bali. We can see the savanna and evergreen forest with a very cheap entry ticket (Rp 2,500,-). We found many wildlife still roaming free day-and-night especially the birds and mammals such as Green Peafowl (Pavo muticus), Water Buffalo (Bubalus bubalis), Banteng (Bos Javanicus), Green Junglefowl (Gallus varius), Javan Lutung (Trachypithecus auratus),  Crab-eating macaque (Macaca fascicularis), and Asian leopard cat (Prionailurus bengalensis).

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