6 Alasan Mengapa Kartu Nama Itu Penting


Terkadang tanpa kita sadari kehadiran kartu nama masih sangat diperlukan di era digital saat ini. Saya pun hingga kini sangat suka mengkoleksi kartu nama baik dari hotel, toko, restoran, kolega dan tentunya teman sendiri. Mengapa demikian?Continue reading “6 Alasan Mengapa Kartu Nama Itu Penting”

Ponsel Cerdas Terbaik untuk Pekerjaan Lapangan


Ponsel cerdas saat ini sangat dibutuhkan selama saya bekerja di lapangan. Sebelumnya saya terbiasa menggunakan Samsung Galaxy Note. Namun di awal tahun 2015 saya mulai menggunakan Sony Xperia Z3 Compact. Tulisan blog ini bukanlah mengenai ponsel cerdas tetapi kriteria dan aplikasi apa yang membuatnya terbaik untuk pekerjaan lapangan.

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The Best Smartphone for Fieldwork


Nowadays, a smartphone is crucially needed during my fieldwork. I used to stick with my Samsung Galaxy Note. However, in the beginning of 2015, I started to use Sony Xperia Z3 Compact. This blogpost is not about smartphones but what kind of criteria and apps that make it the best smartphone for fieldwork.Continue reading “The Best Smartphone for Fieldwork”

Gunung Gede Pangrango Hiking Month


As a biologist, of course I get used to with nature. However, I never considered myself as mountain climber eventhough I should do that for any fieldwork.

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Fieldwork in Myanmar


I had special opportunity this year by visiting Myanmar for work. You cannot imagine this trip 10 years ago when the whole country still untouchable by outside world. Another thing not only Yangon but also I could visit Tanintharyi Region where Andaman Sea Coastal Line located. Continue reading “Fieldwork in Myanmar”

When you had enough and become a travel bore


There is a time when you had enough with traveling. You can see the sign when lazy to pack and do all travel stuff. What kind of syndrome is this? It is a sign when you have traveling burnout. When this happened, I am seriously taken more staycation or work at home instead.

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How Many Camera You Need in Life?


I am embraced the concept of minimalism so the answer would be only one. Eventhough during my field work it would be tons of hassle with all my field gadgets but my Fujifilm X10 never let me down. I have rethinking to have my second generation camera but for now I would stay a while with my camera for the last 3 years. Continue reading “How Many Camera You Need in Life?”

Downtown of Yangon (Part II)


So this is the part two of Yangon downtown. Like i said before there are so many interesting things to see in this city. For example photo above. I am not sure what is company’s intention when making jargon for this soft drink ads :D

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Bagaimana cara terjun ke dalam dunia konsultan lingkungan?


Beberapa kali pertanyaan ini ditanyakan kepada saya oleh teman dan adik kelas. Jawabannya seperti tips di bawah ini yang juga berlaku bagi siapa saja yang ingin aktif dan sukses di dunia pekerjaan dan selepas kuliah.

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I know that I will become more mainstream when joining instagram. There is nothing wrong being maintream of course, I have told myself many times, there is a time when finally I join Instagram. I did join about 2 weeks ago for another cause. Instagram would be my colour and art daily journal with theme ranges around wildlife, traveling, and life. Nothing more or less (for now).

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Downtown of Yangon


Wandering Yangon, The Golden City and everytime you look around there is always be something new to see :) Above is a view of San Chaung Township where I stayed for a while at Humble Footprint Hostel/Hotel.Continue reading “Downtown of Yangon”

Pomelo at Yangon


There are only few things in this world that can make me feel very happy. One of them is this place, POMELO!! It is not a fruit but a marketplace in the heart of Yangon city. If you are looking for unique stuff while supporting Myanmar local and homemade industry. This is a great place for you all :)


We provide a fair trade marketplace for small Myanmar producers, opening opportunities for them to improve their social and economic situation.

  • Location: 89 Thein Pyu Road. Yangon, Myanmar (just next door to Monsoon Restaurant)
  • Hours: every day 10:00am- 9:00pm

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